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University -> Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidzе (MGRI-RSGPU)

Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidzе (MGRI-RSGPU)

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The Russian State Geological prospecting University is one of the world’s leading universities training specialists in geological sciences and geological engineering. The University originated from Moscow Mining Academy founded in 1918. More than 30000 high qualified mining engineers including 1,300 international students from 78 countries were trained over the time of its almost centennial existence. Former University name - Moscow Geologigal Prospecting Institute (widely known as MGRI- RSGPU). 

MGRI-RSGPU is the only postsecondary institution in the world, specialized in search, exploration, evaluation and development of the mineral raw material resources.

More than 90 years the university trains professional community for exploration and mining companies: mining engineers, geologists, geophysicist, geo-ecologists, economists, etc.

Our graduates get either an engineer’s degree or bachelor’s and master’s degree.

In MGRI-RSGPU there is also a post-graduate education; the post-graduates may get a PhD or a post-doctorate degree in technology, geology and mineralogy, physics and mathematics or economics.

Mankind always uses mineral resources for the development of the productive forces of their own countries. Russia (former USSR) has reached its economic power thanks to the geological investigation of the mineral resources.

MGRI-RSGPU graduates are of importance in the widespread investigation of the mineral resources not only in Russia but also in 70 countries of the world:

  • The high-quality education at MGRI-RSGPU is based on the great Russian scientific school of geological exploration.
  • MGRI-RSGPU trains the specialists in search and extraction of the whole range of minerals – from plain water to rare-earth elements. The preparation of the specialists for the oil and gas industry is of primary importance at our university.
  • The reasonable tuition fee is not the least of the factors attracting international students to MGRI-RSGPU.
  • MGRI-RSGPU post-graduate and post-doctorate education is a perfect way for the continuation of academic career.

The university has a comfortable hostel, gyms and all the conditions for the artwork.

Address:117997, Str. Maclay, etc. 23

On page http://www.msgpa.ru/ABITUR/docs/nps/index.php you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidzе (MGRI-RSGPU).

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