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University -> National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (MPEI)

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (MPEI)

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National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" is the one from the largest technical universities of Russia. It provides the specialist’s training and scientific research in the field of energetic, electrical engineering, radio electronics, computer engineering.

MPEI has the modern educational buildings, the academic and scientific laboratories, the students’ hostels, the powerful experimental facilities, a pilot-plant, an academic-research heat and power plant, an university technical park.

Total academic area is 262450 m2 Total number of students is more than 15000 persons. Annual students’ acceptation is about 3000 persons. Number of Ph.D.-students and Dr. Sci. candidates is 620 persons. Number of full-scale teachers is 1560 persons. From them 17% have the Dr. Sci. degrees and full professor titles, and 56% have the Ph.D. degrees.

MPEI trains the Bachelors, Masters and Specialists (Engineers) in 15 directions and 73 specialties.

18 Dissertation Councils are acting in MPEI. The Ph.D. and Dr. Sci. theses can be defended at the sessions of the Council in 43 specialties.

MPEI is licensed to confer the following degrees (qualifications) to graduates with issuing the state Russian diplomas:

·         Bachelor of Science (education duration is 4 years)

·         Certified Specialist (Engineer, Economist, Manager etc.) (Education duration is 1,5 years after Bachelor course)

·         Master of Science (education duration is 2 years after Bachelor course)

·         Philosophy Doctor (in technical, physical-mathematical, economic science) (education duration is 3 years)

·         Doctor of Sciences (in technical, physical-mathematical, economic sciences) (education duration is 3 years)

Additional MPEI facilities:

·         MPEI library, which book’s fund includes near 2.000.000 books;

·         hostel complex for 5.000 persons;

·         polyclinic for students: ambulance station, physician-specialists’ rooms, computer diagnostic center, sanatorium-preventorium for students (120 places);

·         Sport complex: stadium "Energy", gymnastic halls, halls for training in the specific sections, tennis courts, swimming pool, points for sporting equipment leasing;

·         Students’ recreation bases: sport-camping "Alushta" (Crimea, Ukraine), sport-camping "Energy" (Moscow suburb);

·         various bases for industrial practice for students;

·         Students’ design bureau;

·         House of Culture with several halls, separate premises for sections and small groups, for students rest evenings, for celebration of the national festivals for the foreign students of MPEI and other Moscow universities;

·         students’ cafe, food centers.

Address:111250, Str. Krasnokazarmennaya, 14

On page http://www.mpei.ru/LANG/ENG/Entrants/Entrants.asp you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (MPEI).

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