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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

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The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the leading institute of higher education of the Russian Federation, training highly-qualified specialist in various areas of modern science and technology. The institute has a rich history. Its founders and early staff members were Nobel Prize winners P.L Kapitsa, N.N Semenov, and L.D. Landau. Nobel Prize winners are among its graduates as well. Many Fiztech professors are leading scientists in Russia, among which are more than 80 academics and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

At Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology there are 11 departments that provide training in areas of:

·         “Applied Mathematics and Physics"

·         "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science"

·         "Computer Security"

·         "Systems Analysis and Control"

·         "Computer Science"

·         "Motion Control Systems and Navigation"

·         "Biotechnology"

MIPT students from first to last course receive a wide range of knowledge in different fields of science. With the goal of developing the personality of students, there exist a large number of departments. High quality teaching is supported by the Centre for Continuing Education.

"The Fiztech System" is based on a high quality selection of talented students from all over Russia as well as abroad. Therefore, special attention is paid to the creation of organizations engaged in continuous work with students. More information about them can be found in the section For Prospective students and school students.

Education in MIPT takes place in several stages: after the first 4 years the student receives a bachelor's degree, a further two years is devoted to master’s study, and after finishing university work but before graduating the possibility of graduate school opens.

The unique “Fiztech System” is one of the best approaches to education, which explains its existence in an almost unchanged form for more than 60 years. Receiving a fundamental education in mathematics and physics and a preliminary acquaintance with the chosen specialization, along with the acquisition of skills in independent work already by the 4th course provides each student with the knowledge and experience of a full scholar. Thus, by the end of the program, students already have significant achievements in their chosen area of activity.

Address:117303, Moscow Str. Kerch, etc. 1a, Bldg. 1

On page http://mipt.ru/education/abitur/ you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of the Moscow State University of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University).

Educational programs

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