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Choral Arts Academy named after V.S. Popov

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The Choral Arts Academy named after V.S. Popov is a musical educational institution in Moscow.

The Academy was established by Victor Popov in the early 1990s on the basis of the Choral School named after A.V. Sveshnikov, which was founded in 1944 by A.V. Sveshnikov. At present the Choir School is a part of the Academy.

The Academy training course includes three stages: school, college and university. Graduates get diplomas in two specialties: “Conducting” and “Vocal art”. Since 1992, the University accepts girls. In 1995, 200 students attended the Academy, 66 of them studied at the University. In 1996, the postgraduate department and the assistantship were approved by the Academy. 

The scope of the Academy includes training, education, scientific and methodological work and the general practice of the concert. There are seven choirs: boy’s choir, juvenile’s choir, men's choir (organized by the alumni of the school in 1989) and four mixed chamber choirs. Most choirs participate in joint performance efforts. In the early 1950s the oratorio "On Guard for Peace" by S.S. Prokofieva, the oratorio "Song of the Forests" and the cantata «The Sun Shines over our Motherland" by D.D. Shostakovich were created especially for the boys' choir.

The choirs’ performances are held at the major concert halls of Moscow: the Great and the Rachmaninov Halls of the Moscow Conservatory Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky Hall of Columns, the Concert Hall of the Central Museum of Musical Culture. Glinka, etc.

Address:125565, Moscow Str. The festival, etc. 2

On page http://www.axu.ru/admission-vuz you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of The Choral Arts Academy named after V.S. Popov.


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