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Moscow State University of Printing Arts

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Moscow State University of Printing Arts is a centre of scientifical and educational space of Russia and CIS in the field of media industry and it is the only university of Russia, which carries out an integrated training of students for future employment in printing and media industry.

In 2011 the university has fully turned to international educational system: baccalaureate and magistracy according to the new federal educational standards.

Today the university numbers nearly 7000 students. Over 500 students are financed by the state every year. There are 320 international students from all over the world: Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Zambia, Iran, PRC (China), Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Syria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan etc.

International Students are accommodated in our dormitories, which annually become the winners of ‘Best Dormitory’ competition. Two dormitories are housing over 1400 students and are located on Mikhalkovskaya and 800-letiye Moskvy streets. Not only does the university enroll international students but it also offers student exchange with foreign partner institutions.

Our best students do an internship in Germany, Republic of Korea, Bulgaria and other countries.

Educational process in MSUPA is run by 40 departments. The staff of the university consists of high-qualified teachers: 66% of them have academic and scientific degrees, 17%  - have Ph.D.

Moreover, the expanded library funds (approx. 2 millions of books) also help to improve quality of education. The university has its own publishing centre, which issues annually more than 2000 printing pages of published products: course books, teaching aids etc.

Students take advantage of combining studying and research activities. Results of these researches are regularly published in university magazines and scientific journals. Students present their works on Russian or international conferences. Faculty for Publishing and Journalism has an integrated educational system, so that students could work in their professional field while studying. For most of the interns their internship placement becomes a permanent job.

Students have an opportunity to get a job in the leading publishing houses, studios of design, television companies, commercial agencies and such editions as ‘Rossiyskaya gazeta’ (‘Russian Newspaper’), ‘Novaya Gazeta’ ( ‘New Newspaper’), ‘Vechernyaya Moskva’ (‘Evening Moscow’) etc. Since recently students can do an internship in State Duma and Federation Council.

Students of engineering faculties improve their skills in specialized laboratories, which are united into The Centre of Practical Education. The centre is provided with modern technical equipment by such manufacturers as Heidelberg, MAN Roland, König & Bauer AG, DuPont, Hewlett Packard, X-Rite etc. The laboratories were lately supplied with digital printing machines, unique tools for examining special materials, binding and folding machines.

The equipment of computer classes (there are 910 computers in the university) is partly renewed annually. All computers are integrated into 3 local networks and are linked via Internet. The connection speed is 10 Mbit per second, the traffic is non-limited. Since the end of 2011 all the university houses are provided with free Wi-Fi.

The university pays a lot of attention to the leisure and social life. During the holidays students can have rest on the health resorts of Crimea, Krasnodarskiy region and Moscow region. The university has its own recreation centre Sushnevo-2 located in Vladimirskiy region. More than 600 students visit cultural and historical sights of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, towns of the Golden Ring and other famous places of Russia.

The creative life of university is organized with the help of Student’s Initiative Centre. In the university there are many creative groups. For example, student’s theatre, choreographic studio, vocal studio, choir, poetical studio etc. Students become winners and awardees of mass Moscow events, like Festos festival, student’s Olympiads, the School of Leadership etc.

During the recent years annual Universiade for summer and winter sports is taking place. Sports activities are organized into 10 sections. The best sportsmen of the university take part in local, municipal and state competitions.

University trade union cooperates with The Youth Council of Moscow City, Moscow Student’s Centre, and The Association of Trade Unions of Students etc.

More than 95% of young specialists find job after graduating the university. Many of our graduates succeeded in their career and have become heads and supervisors of publishing houses and polygraph companies, editors of popular magazines, famous artists and designers.

The university provides Continuing Professional Development (CDP) courses in various fields: more than 2000 specialists of this field improve their qualification in the Centre of Additional Education.

Distant education has caught on lately. Distant CDP courses are held in the Institute of Additional Education.

Address:127550, Str. Pryanishnikova, etc. 2a

On page http://mgup.ru/article/598 you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

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