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Moscow State Open University named after V.S. Chernomyrdin

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The Moscow State Open University named after V.S. Chernomyrdin (MSOU) is a modern Institute of Higher Education that possesses computer classrooms and labs, TV studio, Satellite educational TV channel.     

The MSOU is a broad educational network today. It includes 7 Institutions, 16 Branches и 6 Representations in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The University trains full-time, part-time and extramural specialists in the field of engineering and humanities.

The University has the following faculties: Faculty of Economics, Law Faculty, Faculty of Public Administration and Management, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Theory of Translation, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Management and Economy Policy, Faculty of Industry Economics and Management, Faculty of Mining and Oil, Faculty of Power Engineering, Faculty of Computer and Information technology, Faculty of Engineering , Faculty of Aeromechanics , Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Construction. The University trains according to 59 specialties directions. The are full-time, part-time and extramural departments.

According to the survey led on October 1, 2006 there were 81,560 students at MSOU, among them were 14925 full-time students, 6563 part-time and 60702 extramural students.

In general 959 people work at the University. There are 716 academic members, among them are 78 Sc.Ds and professors (10, 9 %), кандидатов наук, доцентов 388 PhDs and assistant professors (54, 2 %).

The University organizes retraining and advanced training for MSOUC teachers and teachers of other universities at the International Academy of Mineral Resources, the Academy of Industrial Ecology and Institute of Advanced Studies. The University trains postgraduate specialists in the sphere of Research work.

The University guarantees a high quality of education by using modern equipment at departments and laboratories, a scientific-technical library, a reading room and a printing.

The Moscow State Open University constantly improves and expands its industrial park. In the framework of the Federal program "Development of a unified educational information environment" the Federal Agency for Education has provided the University with software and hardware, a functionally oriented information system as part of graphics workstations, IBM servers, replication of optical discs systems, video and audio studios equipped by video and audio editing systems. Innovative activity is in priority. Cooperation of MSOU and Interstate TV and Radio Company "Mir" has resulted in creatinon of an educational satellite TV channel. The satellite signal is received overall in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

Today the Moscow State Open University is a modern competitive university that trains highly skilled students and independent individuals.

The MSOU is an open university that provides students equal right in getting quality education regardless of their place of residence and social status. The principle of «Open education» was demonstrated by this year's Admission Committee in particular. Applicants from 28 regions have entered the University. The university provides nonresident, undergraduate and graduate students a dormitory housing.

There is a preparatory faculty (PF) for applicants entering the University. The main purpose of the faculty is not only to help applicants to pass entrance examinations, but also to provide them thorough knowledge to study at MSOU and to choose a future profession. Students may also choose to study additional subjects at request.

Address:107996, Str. Pavel Korchagin, etc. 22, pp. 1, 2, 3

On page http://msou.ru/abiturientam.html you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of Moscow State Open University named after V.S. Chernomyrdin.

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