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Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

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The Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD) is one of the largest universities at national and European levels, a Research and Practical Center and leading national institution to train medical specialists. MSUMD has modern educational facilities, clinics and labs. There are 11 faculties: Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Penitentiary Medicine, Postgraduate Department, Department of Professional Secondary Education, Faculty of Pedagogical Education at the Medical School, Preparatory Faculty, Moscow Regional Faculty and Social Work Faculty.

The University's stuff consists of more than 23 academicians and associate members of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, more than 1500 Sc.Ds and PhDs, professors, 66 honored doctors, 29 honored scientists, laureate of state and international prizes.

The University clinics and departments unite professional specialists in the fields of modern medical science. Most of the clinics operate with unique methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. A Long-standing experience and scientific potential of the MSMSU staff provide successful work in the framework of the priority national project "Health", in the sphere of healthcare, offering unique elaboration techniques to attain strategically important state objectives.

The university trains highly qualified specialists using modern management and control systems to ensure high quality education, introduces new specialties, develops elite and mass education professional programs, implements the functions of the main center for the development and validation of the state educational standards, corresponds with the individual, society and state needs in a wide range of educational programs.

The MSMSU educational program "Development and introduction of innovative health-saving technologies in educational and therapeutic processes» secured MSMSU a victory in the competition among other medical universities in Russia. The Program is aimed mainly to reform the educational process according to the various directions and specialties, using advanced information and communication technologies.

The university provides advanced teaching capabilities for educators using modern and relevant textbooks and teaching aids by leading MSMSU scientists. The library developed and introduced an ecatalog, which allows a quick search of relevant literature. Computer technologies have been widely used in the educational process: advanced visual lectures, ability to model various diseases with the use of multimedia technologies, creation of visual programs for self-control helps students to study more efficiently.

The Department of the History of Medicine of the MSMSU has developed, patented and introduced the unique training programs. Among them: historical and medical photo gallery that allows a quick search for the desired image, visual test program and historical maps. The phantom courses and teaching of manual skills are also very important in increasing the visibility and theory.

The system of specialist training provides graduates a high level of prestige at national level and abroad. Moreover the MSMSU diploma aids young specialists in obtaining proper positions and rapid career growth. There is a high competition among applicants wishing to study at our university. Only most gifted and highly trained applicants are admitted to the university by competitive examination and can get the student status.

Address:127473, Str. Delegatskaya etc. 20, pp. 1

On page http://www.msmsu.ru/education/abiturient you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry.

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