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Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI)

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Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) - State Academy - is the leading scientific and methodological centre in the field of architectural education, science and culture in Russia. It is also  the largest school of architecture in the country.

MARCHI is situated in the old part of Moscow. The Institute occupies a complex of buildings on Rozhdestvenka Street 11. The main building is the oldest stone building in Moscow. It was reconstructed in 1892 by the academician of architecture S. Soloviev for the Stroganov School. In 1914 the corner building was erected for the training workshops of the school.

The complex of buildings has housed the First Stroganov State Art Workshops(1918), the VKHUTEMAS -VKHUTEIN; the Architectural - Building Institute (since 1930) and the Moscow Architectural Institute (since 1933).

Many great architects and famous scholars have taught at MARCHI. Among those are: the Vesnin brothers, I. Golosov, V. Krinsky, N. Ladovsky, K. Melnikov, A. Dushkin, G. Zaharov, A. Bunin, N. Brunov, S. Chernyshov and I. Zholtovsky.

Since  1994 MARCHI has been accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Up to date there are nearly 1400 students and doctorates studying in it. They are from Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The Institute offers various advanced training courses.

The Institute prepares graduate students who, after writing and successful defense of the thesis at the meeting of a special Academic Council receive a PhD in Architecture (equivalent to the degree of “Doctor of Philosophy” in the West).

The Institute has about 400 full-time teachers, including 138 professors and associate professors: 66% of teachers have degrees of Doctors of Science and Ph.D.

Address:107031, Str. Rozhdestvenka 11/4, Bldg. 1, pp. 4

On page hhttp://www.marhi.ru/abiturient/ you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of the Moscow Institute of Architecture.


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