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University -> Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skrjabin

Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skrjabin

Status of educational institutions:State

The Academy - one of the oldest universities in Russia, founded in 1919 in Moscow. The Academy is a training, research and production campus. We offer the best in basic and advanced research opportunities as well as specialized training in animal research and biotechnology, merchandising, marketing, and technology of food and animal products. Each year, the Academy trained more than 4000 students, graduate students and applicants are training more than 300 veterinary specialists. Research School Academy and their representatives have been widely accepted in domestic and foreign veterinary, zootechnical and biological science.

In 1973, the Academy, by order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, was named the outstanding scientist who has made a great contribution to national and world science, the emergence and development of the university - Academician Konstantin Ivanovich Skrjabin.

In May 2000, in Prague at an international congress academy was introduced in the European Association of Agricultural Universities.

The Academy has the necessary training and production and experimental base. On its territory there are five training and laboratory cor-pusov, clinics, vivarium, garage and other production facilities. Departments, labs, clinics equipped with the necessary equipment, including computers, electron microscopes, instruments for radio-biological and molecular-biological research, advanced video equipment.

The Academy created great opportunities for training of scientific and pedagogical staff through postgraduate, doctoral studies and studies. Fellowship in accordance with the license is preparing candidates for the 17 specialties of veterinary, biological, agricultural, technical and economic sciences.

In the doctoral thesis under preparation of highly qualified personnel in key areas of veterinary and biological sciences.

The educational process and research in the academy are professors, associate professors, doctors and candidates of biological, veterinary, agricultural, economic, chemical, engineering and other sciences. Among them are academicians and corresponding members of Russian and international science academies, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, honorary Doctor of foreign universities.

At the academy in all faculties working scientific student circles, combined in students' scientific society - CHO. This makes it possible to have years of study to join the scientific work and in the future to continue her graduate.

To conduct dissertation defenses are five doctoral dissertation councils and 15 veterinary and biological specialties.

Library of the Academy has more than half a million volumes of scientific and educational literature, is the exchange of scientific works with foreign universities and research institutes, as well as libraries of our country.

Monthly Academy published large-circulation newspaper to knowledge.

The Academy created 12 unique scientific and educational museums: helminthological Museum. KI Scriabin, anatomical, pathological, fur farming, pharmacology, history of veterinary medicine and others.

The campus is fully Academy provides residences of all nonresident and foreign students and postgraduates. For students of the faculty training, foreign students, researchers and university professors who come to the courses, a luxury hotel.

On the territory of the town Academy is a sports complex and soccer field with artificial turf, where the working section from 18 sports, dining room, a clinic for students and staff, shops, kindergarten, school and in student dormitories and academic buildings are buffets. The Academy has a music studio, mugs amateur.

Campus Academy, created by the labor of many generations of students, staff and builders in the wasteland, has turned into an oasis, where the academic buildings and dormitories, apartment houses and industrial buildings green. The special charm of living in a small town located near the Academy gives Lesoparkovy ensemble with ancient manor Kuzminki, whose buildings and stables with original equestrian statues Klodt, farmyard and other buildings are architectural monuments. Kuzminskii park - not only a popular place for walks, but an additional opportunity to athletics in the summer and skiing in winter.

Attraction for coming to study at the academy, as well as in postgraduate and doctoral courses, faculty training for young people, professionals, researchers and lecturers from Russia, CIS and other countries are the opportunities offered by Moscow - one of the centers of world civilization , Science, Education and Culture. In Moscow there is a unique library (Central Scientific Agricultural Library, Library of Foreign Literature), scientific and educational museums, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion that showcases the latest domestic and world science, technology, education, culture, and leading research institutes and higher education institutions in Russia. This intellectual and cultural riches of Moscow is widely used by graduate students, students from foreign countries, students of the Faculty Training Academy.

Anyone who wishes to become highly qualified individuals to obtain interesting and useful country profession, to attend graduate school and doctoral studies, to increase professional knowledge, invites Academy. There are ample opportunities for getting a second job or for in-depth training on individual programs in all faculties and in graduate school.

Foreign nationals who do not speak Russian, is transferred to the preparatory department of the Academy for a period of training - one year. Foreign nationals studying at the preparatory faculty of Russian language, chemistry, biology. At the end of the school year exams at the level of Russia's total secondary school receive a certificate of completion of the preparatory department and sent for training in their chosen specialty. 

In graduate school are accepted, foreign citizens with higher education at a specialist or Master of Science.

Dossier of the applicant includes the following documents executed in Russian or English (French, Spanish) language:

profile showing full name in her specialty (fill in the Academy);
copy of the certificate (the document) on education, certified in the prescribed manner, with the subjects and obtained at examinations marks (points); medical report certified by an official health authority of the sending country; certificate of absence of HIV infection, hepatitis, tuberculosis, certified by an official health authority of the sending country; copy of birth certificate, certified in the prescribed manner; 12 photos (4x6).

In addition, candidates for graduate school must submit a duly certified copy of the document on higher education at a specialist or a master of science in and check out a test sheet or sheet of subjects studied with grades and a list of scientific publications (if any).

Applicants, who arrived at the training, it is desirable to have a program (plan) internship.

Beginning graduate studies - September-December.

Foreign citizens who have successfully mastered the curriculum and passed the final state certification, issued by state diplomas of the education and training (graduate).

Foreign citizens who successfully completed postgraduate dissertations awarded PhD degree and diploma of Candidate of Sciences of the state sample.

Foreign nationals have successfully prepared and defended his doctoral thesis, awarded the degree of Doctor of Science and Diploma of Doctor of Science state sample.

Address:109472, Str. Academician Skrjabin, etc. 23
E-mail:rector@mgavm.ru; prorector@mgavm.ru

On page http://www.mgavm.ru/inspection%20board/ you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skrjabin.


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