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Maxim Gorky Literature Institute

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The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute is an institute of higher education, founded in 1933 on the initiative of Maxim Gorky. The Institute received the present name in 1936. Since 1942, it trains full-time and part-time students. The Institute provides the Advanced Literature Courses since 1953. In 1983, the Institute was awarded the Order of Peoples’ Friendship. Since 1992, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is in charge of the supervision over the Institute.

Famous writers and scientists taught at the Literary Institute. Among them: N. Aseev, K. Fedin, K.  Paustovsky, M.Svetlov, S. Gorodetsky, L.Oshanin, I.Tolstoy, S.Bondi, B.Tomashevsky, A.Reformatsky, A. Tahoe -Godi, V.Asmus, V.Kozhinov, A.Zinovev and the others; learned: (some of them had experience of teaching activity afterwards) V.Astafev, M.Aliger, Ch.Aitmatov, E.Dolmatovsky, N.Rubtsov, M. Matusovsky, K.Simonov, A.Chakovsky, S.Smirnov, M.Lukonin, S.Narovchatov, L.Tatyanicheva, V.Tushnova, Y.Trifonov, I.Goff, Asadov, E.Vinokurov, V.Solouhin, V.Tendryakov, G.Baklanov, V.Rozov, Y.Kuznetsov, Y.Bondarev, K.Vanshenkin, L.Zhukhovitsky, F.Iskander, V.Karpov, N.Starshinov, R.Rozhdestvensky, Y.Kazakov, A.Pristavkin, T.Zulfikarov, Yu.Morits, V.Belov, E.Nosov, N.Dorizo ​​and many others.

At present, there is full time and part-time education according to the specialist programmes (qualification "Woman of letters" and "Woman of letters, interpreter of literature"). Among the admission requirements are the following entrance exams: creative competition (literary texts), Russian language (UNE / summary), Russian literature (UNE / test), creative essay (written), and creative interview (oral).

The institute’s curriculum includes courses in the humanities and social sciences, creative seminars on a variety of literary genres, including prose, poetry, dramaturgy, juvenile literature, literary criticism, journalism and literary translation.

Chairs: Literary Mastery, Literary Translation.

Training chairs: Russian Classical Literature and Slavic Studies, Modern Russian Literature, Foreign Literature, Literary Theory and Literary Criticism, Russian Language and Style, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences.

The Institute has postgraduate and doctoral departments, the Dissertation Council for the defense of the doctoral candidate’s dissertation (PhD, Sc.D).

The Institute is the first in Russia by the ratio of students to teaching staff: on average two students have one teacher with an advanced degree. Among teachers there is a great number of world-renowned scientists. Lecturers and students from other Russian and foreign universities undergo training.

A two-year training program is realized at the Advanced Literary Courses (for literary gifted persons with higher education). The Literary Institute holds the Graduate School of Literary Translation, courses for editors and proofreaders and foreign language courses N.A. Bonk.

There are the Lyceum and preparatory courses for applicants.

For over the 70 years, our unique Institute has been located in a complex of buildings – architectural monuments of 18-19 centuries at 25 Tver parkway, in central Moscow, near the Pushkin Square.

This place has always been associated with literature. A.I. Herzen was born in the mansion of the main building in 1812. N.V. Gogol, V.G. Belinsky, P.Y. Chaadaev, A.S. Hamsters, E.A Baratynsky visited this place.

In the 1920s the Institute housed various writers' communities and a literary museum. A.A. Block, V.V. Mayakovsky, S.A. Yesenin spoke at the events there. It also provided accommodations for writers, including A. Platonov, V. Ivanov, O. Mandelstam, B. Pasternak and D. Andreev. M.A. Bulgakov used it as the model for "Griboyedov House" in the "Master and Margarita".

At present, it is planned to construct a modern two-story academic building for students, lecturers and staff and to restore the main building, which is supposed to be the administrative and the library within the territory of support structures

New academic complex will help to turn this part of the rich cultural life of Moscow into the spiritual center "Living Memorial” by freeing the present campus territory. It is planned to expand the museum exhibit, to store the archives of writers and to create the Institute of Russian culture here.

Due to the interaction of the educational process, creatively gifted young people, famous writers and memorials connected with the biggest literary names our unique educational institution turns to be a the center of historical memory and the living, intense and creative development.

Address:123104, Moscow, Tver Boulevard, 25

On page http://litinstitut.ru/index.php?area=1&p=static&page=abituryou can find all the information concerning the admission rules of Maxim Gorky Literature Institute.

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