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Educational programs
for foreign students

Automation of technological processes and production (food industry)

Field of Education:Automation and Control
Automation and Control:Automation of technological processes and production
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Moscow State University of Food Production

Cost: для граждан РФ - 118 000, для иностранных граждан- 120 000 rub.

Currently, the food industry is the fastest growing sector of the industry, mainly due to the improvement and implementation of modern control systems. At the graduates of the department have a constant demand, as in the food industry, and in the company-developer of automation systems and research centers specializing in the creation of modern control systems. It is this profile experts, thanks to a unique training system, combining theoretical knowledge with the ability to practically implement skills for specific industries while studying, are in great demand, have a stable careergrowth and subsequently occupy the highest positions in technical and managerial structure of enterprises. Computer Science and Engineering - an area of ​​science and technology, which includes a range of tools, techniques and methods of human activity aimed at the development and application of: computers, systems and networks, automatedinformation processing systems and management, computer-aided design, computer software and automated systems. The department "Information and Control" has the most modern base teaching laboratories, including computers. During training, students have unlimited use of the Internet and the most advanced information technology. The department has a long-term contract with food enterprises and design organizations working in the field of industrial automation, providing for educational and practical base training and subsequent employment. Graduates of the department have a unique opportunity to find the use of their forces in a variety of activities related to information technology. Claim this profile experts determined the rapid development of software and hardware and systems in almost all areas of human activity. Graduates of this specialty ensure the implementation and operation of software and hardware systems in industrial plants of the variety of backgrounds, engaged in the development of algorithms and software automation and ControlION as for industrial facilities, as well as in the sphere of non-material production. The practice of employment of all the means of expanding application areas - from network administrator to engineer automated management systems in enterprises. The objects of professional activity. automated data processing systems and management, computers, systems and networks, computer-aided design, software, computer equipment and automated systems (progAmma, software systems and systems), mathematical, information, technical, ergonomic, organizational and legal support for these systems, safety and reliability of information systems Positions afterHIGH SCHOOL: expert service and technical support of the company (the company); IT-manager of the company (firm), a business analyst and consultant; deputy. Director of the company (the company) for information policy and security. Functions include: the development of the company's policy in the area of ​​its information technology support, selection, installation and maintenance of software, selection and installation of office equipment for the operation of all services computerAANII; IT-consulting, management consulting, information management companies, development of systems for the protection and security of information and logistics company, ensuring the protection and redundancy of information in accordancethe legislation of the Russian Federation

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