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Educational programs
for foreign students

International legal profile

Field of Education:Humanities
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Kutafin Moscow State Law University

Cost: 261 000 руб. rub.

Program for direction "jurisprudence" and to specialization "of international law" is determined by taking into account the educational needs of the individual, society and state, and the development of common educational space in the field of jurisprudence andconsists of: 1) the formation of the graduates of the full-depth knowledge of the nature, essence and the ratio of international systems (public) law and national law, the formation of knowledge about the interaction of systems of national law in the various statesregulatory context of complicated foreign relations element of civil nature, in the formation of knowledge about the peculiarities of legal regulation of private cross-border relations in the framework of regional integrative associations (at ProspectImmer legal system of the European Union), and 2) the formation of the graduates the skills required for these types of practices as rule-making, law enforcement, law enforcement, expert consulting and teaching - but inrmotvorcheskoy activity - the formation of skill training of international treaties and regulations governing social relations tsivilisticheskoy transboundary nature - in the field of law enforcement - to forms skill base and make decisions within the job duties, skill implementation of legal norms in the field of regulation of social relations civilistic cross-border nature, the skill of drawing up legal documents in the field of pealizatsii law, primarily studied in the framework of profiling training course "International law", "Private International Law", "Law of the European Union" - in the area of ​​law enforcement - forming ability undertakenamb actions to ensure law and order, security of the individual, society and the state, public order, the prevention, suppression and detection of offenses, protection of private, state, municipal and other forms of propertySTI in the field of international relations and cross-border nature of private relationships - in the field of expert consulting activities - to promote the mastery of the graduate counseling on international and private internationalLaw, learning the skills of the legal review of the documents in the implementation of international and private international law - in the field of educational activities - assistance in mastering the skill of the graduate teaching of academic disciplines, yavlyayuschihsya profiling under this program (international law, private international law, EU law) in educational institutions (other than higher education). Preparing graduates based on the following principles: - focus on the multi-level system of education - student participation in shaping their training program - the development of practice-based learning on the basis of competencerity approach - use of credit-modular system in the educational process; - conformity assessment and control competencies bachelors terms of their future profession - professional and social activity of the graduates - international cooperation in field of study. Normative term development program for full-time study - 4 years. The total complexity of the development of the student program is 240 credit units (all types of classroom and self-study, practice, and time devoted to the development of student quality control program).
The program includes undergraduate work programs of all training courses, subjects, disciplines (modules) for both basic and variable parts of the curriculum, including the discipline of the student's choice.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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