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Educational programs
for foreign students

Forestry, forestry and forest fire science

Field of Education:Reproduction and processing of forest resources
Reproduction and processing of forest resources:Forestry deal
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time

University: Moscow State Forest University

Cost: 39035 руб (семестр) rub.

The master's program in the direction of Master of forestry 250100. 68 "Forestry, forestry and forest fire science" covers discipline areas of specialized training (cycle DNM), special subjects for Master's (SDM cycle) and scientific (research) work Master (NIRM). Total state certification or equivalent (IGAM) is carried out by the success of defending his master's thesis. Problems of Forestry, forestry and forest fire science are studied in greater depth in specific disciplines, "Principles of Forest biogeocenology", "The dynamics of forest ecosystems", "Modern problems of forest typology", "The natural basis of silvicultural systems", "recreational forestry", "Forest management in the urban environment", "forest certification". In the course "Fundamentals of Forest biogeocenology" and "The dynamics of forest ecosystems" are considered the ideas and concepts biogeocenology, natural and anthropogenic dynamics of forest ecosystems developed by Academician V. N. Sukachyov. They study on the evolution and development, as reflected in the writings of his disciples and followers (V. S. Zonn, N. B. Dylis, E. M. Mavrinetsko, N. A. Dyrenkov, L. AP Rysin etc. ). Undoubted interest to students will present a tutorial-monograph by F. Tsvetkov "forest ecosystems" (Arkhangelsk, 1999. - 137. ). A critical analysis of modern scientific trends in the domestic typology (genetic and dynamic on the most significant trends in it: the classification of forest types S. A. Dyrenkova, S. B. Belova, etc) is given in the discipline of "Modern problems of forest typology." For the students will be useful monograph L. AP Rysina "Forest typology in the USSR (Moscow "Science, 1982. - 216 p. ) And L. AP Rysin and L. I. Savelevoj 'inventories of forest types and types of forest ecosystems "(M. : KMK Scientific Press Ltd., 2007. - 143 p. ) Silvicultural system is a scientific and practical basis of forestry. The current state and prospects of development are reflected in the discipline of "Natural basis of silvicultural systems." Department of Forestry and Forest tapping MSFU to train students in this course specifically (for masters) training manual "Forestry. Natural foundations of silvicultural systems "(by B. I. Obydennikov, F. A. Nikitin, V. F. Nikitin - M. : HPE MSFU, 2007. - 56. ). In the study of the discipline "recreational forestry can be successfully used textbook A. F. Khairetdinova and C. I. Konashevoy "recreational forestry" (Ufa, 2002 - 194 p. ) At the Department of scientific endeavor is associated with the disciplines of "Caring for the forest in an urban environment" and "Forest Certification". The program lists the general research master's degree, which is supposed to be carried out within the framework of scientific school of forestry, silviculture and forest fire science MSFU. In particular, in such scientific fields as "Improving the productivity of the forest", "Dynamic typology of the forest", "Ecological and geographical study of the principles of natural forests and forest fires", as well as modernProblems recreational forestry, forest certification, etc. Scientific director of the master's program for forestry, silviculture and forest fire science is Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Obydennikov Viktor (doctoral thesis defended them in the same specialty - 06. 03. 03). Scientific interests I. Obydennikova problems associated with increasing the productivity of the forest, and the typology of forest felling, silvicultural, environmental impact logging techniques and aggregate operations. They studied the nature of cuttings (types of cuttings) and reforestation in the spruce forests of the mixed forest Russian plains, pine forests of the middle taiga of Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, the southern taiga (Buryatia), in pine and larch forests of the southern taiga of the Far East. Identified as geographical features of the formation of the felling and forest types in connection with the use of aggregate logging equipment in the zone of mixed forests russsky plains, pine forests of the middle taiga of Western Siberia (Tyumen region. ) And southern taiga of East Siberia (Buryatia). He proposed a new approach to silvicultural and environmental assessment of clearcut logging and applied engineering and technology of logging operations (method designed with the mosaic of environmental conditions and vegetation). At present, work is being done on the issue of environmental certification of silvicultural systems.

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