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Educational programs
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Examination of the evaluation reports

Field of Education:Economics and Management
Economics and Management:Economy
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Evening (part-time)
Distance learning:No

University: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (PRUE)

Cost: 120 000 rub.

The main educational program of higher education in the direction of preparation 080100 "Economics" the master's program "Examination of evaluation reports," is aimed at training and on the formation of a newgeneration of highly skilled experts in the field of evaluation and examination of assessment reports that are competitive on the Russian and international labor markets capable of performing: the examination of reports on the evaluation of all types of property, aimed atdetection of violations that have a significant impact on the final value of the property assessment to confirm or not confirm the total value of the object of evaluation; reviewing expert reports (reasoned opinion, and so § ) On the evaluation reports of all types of property in order to establish the correctness indicated in their comments and their significance in terms of the impact on the total value of the object of evaluation, participation in the preparation of management decisions of the authoritiesat all levels in respect of the property, participation in the management of properties owned by public corporations as well as organizations, institutions and enterprises of various economic sectors and forms of ownership, participation in court proceedings, kasayuschihsya questions about transactions with the property; teaching at educational institutions of the Russian Federation and the research work in the direction of evaluation and examination of assessment reports. Objectives of the program of general professional training master's program "Expert evaluation reports" should enable him to be aware of: a methodology for the assessment of all types of property, the methodology of examination assessment reportsall types of property, the methodology of reviewing expert reports on the evaluation reports of all types of property, the application of regulations governing the evaluation of all types of property and examination of assessment reports; market appraiseds and expert services, their main roles, rights and responsibilities. Be able to: develop a methodology for the examination of the report; assist governments at all levels in the adoption and implementation of management decisions regarding the management of the property, to participate in legal proceedings relating to the issuesowls on transactions with the property; expertise to use innovative methods of assessment reports and analyze and evaluate sources of information for economic calculations and analyze financial, accounting and other information that reflects the rabot organizations and enterprises of different ownership forms, use the data to make management decisions; predict the dynamics of the main socio-economic performance of the enterprise, industry, region and the economy as a whole;use of information resources of national and international organizations on issues evaluation and examination of assessment reports; apply their knowledge to real practical situations. Know: methodology and tools of applied corporate finance for the development and implementation of financial policies of companies in the global transformation of the financial markets and the transition to an innovative economy; practical skills aboutconducting the examination of reports on the evaluation of all types of property, competencies, relevant international standards in the industry of modern corporate financial analysis and capital management company, self-development skills normativnyh regulations governing the examination of the reports on the evaluation of all types of property; skills of independent research, scientific and educational activities that require a broad education in the modern economy, modern techE tools and technologies in their professional activities. Extras. Information - http://sdo. rea. ru / siteFDO /? executorID = DirectoryExecutor & mode = view & directoryID = 174
117997 Moscow, stirrups lane, 36. Third academic building (main), 7th floor. To visit the department must pass a day to order by phone (499) 236-74-45. For students and seniors: Kab. № 748, № 750. Methodists: cab. № 735, № 752. Phone: Administration Department: (499) 764-53-74; Selection Committee: (499) 236-74-25, (499) 236-74-45; Training Division (Methodist): (495) 954-15-50, Hours: Weekdays - 1000-1900; Saturday (if the school day) - 1000-1400, Sunday - closed. E-mail: fdo2012 @ mail. ru. For questions related to the work of the distance learning system (DLS), please contact us at: rea-fdo @ yandex. ru. Additional educational programs: Cub. 738. Phone: (495) 958-28-21 (direct): (499) 236-74-45, 236-74-25, 764-53-74 (ext. 113, 114). E-mail: golubeva. na @ rea. ru. Contact: Natalia Golubeva. Hours: Weekdays - 1000-1900, Saturday, Sunday - closed. Certification of financial market specialists: Kab. 727. Phone: (495) 958-28-21 (direct): (499) 764-53-74 (ext. 113). E-mail: vlasova. ia @ rea. ru. Contact: Inna Vlasova. Hours: Weekdays - 1000-1800, Saturday, Sunday - closed.

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