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Capital management company

Field of Education:Economics and Management
Economics and Management:Economy
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Evening (part-time)
Distance learning:Yes

University: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (PRUE)

Cost: 120 000 rub.

Program Manager: Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia, Honored Worker of Science, Head of the Department "of the case and the Exchange of Securities" HPE "REU them. G. B. Plekhanov, "etc. e. n. Professor Vladimir Galanov. The mission of the program to train a new generation of highly skilled financiers who own methodology and advanced technology skills in financial management, development and implementation of financial policies of companies in the transition to an innovation ekonomike, the formation and development of strategic financial thinking in the effective management of a scientific approach to solving the financial problems in the management of capital; skills modeling specific situations with the indefinitenessdefiniteness of the environment, and development projects aimed at solving real problems of operating companies, active and practical and research training on the solution of new problems and modern teaching positions; mastery of skillsin the modern leader to form a team and manage motivations. Objectives of the program of general professional training master's program "Capital management company" should enable him to know: modern concepts of corporate finance theory and the results of testing on the Russiancom and other emerging capital markets, the main economic problems in the management of capital and the power of modern scientific tools to analyze and solutions, innovation in capital management companies in different sectors of the economy, the directionnnye to achieve their strategic and financial sustainability, particularly the development of the financial policy of the company, the main approaches to the valuation of the company and their conditions of use; especially international companies in terms of financialhowl of globalization. able: to use innovative methods of modern analysis of corporate financial decisions (about the cost of the financial resources of the company, selecting investments, payments to investors, the risk assessment in the management of the company value) to develop optionsmaking in the management of capital and justify their choice and analyze changes in the dynamics and trends of the international financial markets, to use the information resources of national and international organizations on issues of international financenancial management and international finance; apply their knowledge to real practical situations. own: methodology and tools applied corporate finance for the development and implementation of financial policies of companies in the global transformation of the financial markets and the transition to an innovative economy; competency appropriateyuschimi world standards in the industry of modern corporate financial analysis and capital management company; skills of independent research, scientific and educational activities that require a broad education in modernennoy economy. At the end of qualification awarded Master's degree in "Economy", issued by the State diploma. Information for Incoming Direction: 080100. 68 "Economy" profile "Capital management company." Previous education: higher professional education. Duration of training: 2.5 years. Training Schedule: 2 times per week (working day from 19. 00 to 22. 10 and Saturday 10. 00 to 17. 10). Admission tests: a written test on economic theory. Reception of documents: January 11 - February 18 and June 6 - September 20. Tuition fees: 120 000 rubles a year (60 000 per semester).
117997 Moscow, stirrups lane, 36. Third academic building (main), 7th floor. To visit the department must pass a day to order by phone (499) 236-74-45. For students and seniors: Kab. № 748, № 750. Methodists: cab. № 735, № 752. Phone: Administration Department: (499) 764-53-74; Selection Committee: (499) 236-74-25, (499) 236-74-45; Training Division (Methodist): (495) 954-15-50, Hours: Weekdays - 1000-1900; Saturday (if the school day) - 1000-1400, Sunday - closed. E-mail: fdo2012 @ mail. ru. For questions related to the work of the distance learning system (DLS), please contact us at: rea-fdo @ yandex. ru. Additional educational programs: Cub. 738. Phone: (495) 958-28-21 (direct): (499) 236-74-45, 236-74-25, 764-53-74 (ext. 113, 114). E-mail: golubeva. na @ rea. ru. Contact: Natalia Golubeva. Hours: Weekdays - 1000-1900, Saturday, Sunday - closed. Certification of financial market specialists: Kab. 727. Phone: (495) 958-28-21 (direct): (499) 764-53-74 (ext. 113). E-mail: vlasova. ia @ rea. ru. Contact: Inna Vlasova. Hours: Weekdays - 1000-1800, Saturday, Sunday - closed.

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The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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