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Educational programs
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Cultural Studies

Field of Education:Humanities
HUMANITIES:Cultural Studies
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Form of study:Absentee
Distance Learning:No

University: State Academic University for the Humanities

Characteristics of professional Bachelor CULTURE area of ​​professional activity includes: Field of Cultural and social sciences and the humanities, cultural policy and management, preservation of cultural and prirodnogof heritage, socio-cultural and mass communication, and education. Objects of professional bachelors fundamental problems of the theory and history of culture, cultural forms, processes, and practices in the past and present, cultural and natural heritage, methods of production of cultural values, means andx distribution, and consumption of consolidation in the public and private spheres of life, forms, methods and means of cultural mass communications, interpersonal and intercultural cooperation in global and local dimensions; education and imageHovhan in culture. Professional activities bachelors: Organizational and management activities in the organs of federal, regional and municipal government: the management of cultural development and cultural policy development andimplementation of scientific and practical programs to preserve cultural and natural heritage. Design, analytical and expert work on the socio-cultural design at think tanks, non-governmental and governmental organizations, work in firms and consulting companies, community and government organizations. Industrial and technological activities in the print and electronic media of mass communications, publishing, advertising and informatsionnyhi travel agencies in the marketing communications. Research activities at research institutes and centers, museums, libraries and archives: the identification and processing of information about the complex cultural forms, processes and practices in the past and present. Research problems in the theory and history of culture, the theoretical study, the specific analysis and the development of modern cultural forms and processes obektovistoriko and cultural purposes. Cultural and educational activities in organizations and cultural institutions (museums, libraries, cultural centers): identifying and addressing cultural, educational and socio-cultural problems in various areas of society. Teaching activities in educational institutions of higher, secondary and primary education. Bachelor of Professional competence training areas 033000 "Cultural Studies" has been prepared to address the following professional tasks: Organizational and management activities: work in public institutions and societiesennyh organizations involved in cultural management, identification, preservation of cultural and natural heritage, work in government offices and public organizations involved in the preparation and realizatsieynauchno-oriented programs;maintenance and preparation of technical documentation (work schedules, instructions, plans, proposals, reports), as well as the established reporting on approved forms, participation in the organization of seminars, conferences, business meetings, counselingations, negotiation, collection, primary processing, organization, compilation, storage of data using modern methods of analysis and information technology, preparation of charts, tables, graphs, and other reporting forms; creation by waspsbasis of standard procedures and within the framework of existing regulations of various types of texts (academic, formal, business, publicity, advertising), analysis and systematization of scientific and socio-cultural information with the use of modernmethods for automated collection and processing of information (dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, databases), the development of regulatory guidance documents in specific areas of social and cultural activities; Planning and analytical and expert detions urgently: participation in the development and implementation of projects related to the socio-cultural processes and practices, preservation and development of cultural and natural heritage, taking into account the specific social, aesthetic, economic, technological couplesean (as part of the creative team), advisory work in advertising and news agencies, travel agencies and companies, government, public and business structures, institutions, culture, research activities:the application of theoretical and practical knowledge in various fields of cultural studies to copyright and collective research, research on selected topics (issues, topics) Cultural Studies, in accordance with the chosen approachE and procedures, collection of scientific materials, preparation of studies, summaries, abstracts and compiling bibliographies on the subject of the research, writing papers, preparing presentations, analysis and interpretation of cultural forms, processes and practices for waspsbasis of existing scientific theories and concepts, scientific description of the social and cultural projects, cultural and educational activities: realization of state cultural policy priorities, implementation of welfare programs andprojects in the system of mass communications; creative cultural and leisure activities, the development, preparation and implementation of artistic and creative ideas and artistic programs; Teaching: Work in the state and iteducational institutions of statehood; teacher and a teaching implementation of the educational process, planning and implementation of educational work in the education system, the development of educational programs, use of modernx methods and forms of educational work.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
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