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Educational programs
for foreign students

Philosophy. Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture

Field of Education:Humanities
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Russian State University for the Humanities

Cost: 63 500 rub.

The concept of the master's program 030100 - Philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture in the Institute "Russian Anthropological School" RSUH urgency of the opening of the master's program 520410 - Philosophical Anthropologyphilosophy and culture - is primarily due to the need to include RSUH among other Russian universities in the Bologna process and the creation of multi-level training. The master's program "philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture" is a logical step in the implementation of ideas Vyach. Sun Ivanov about the creation of scientific-educational framework that integrates a broad liberal arts education and research activities, the ideas that were put into the base of the "Russian school of anthropology." Central, integrating in this structure should take anthropology as a science, forced, because of the specificity of its approach to the subject, to draw from different areas: linguistics, philology, ethnology, ethnography, history, sociology, economicski, biology and other sciences, and philosophy. Of particular relevance to this approach gains amid ongoing in many aspects of social and cultural development of dehumanization associated with the imbalance of technology and culture, with the emergence and development of the "consumer society & raquo;, in which the dominant meaning of the tools of mass communication, with the "virtualization" of many aspects of human existence. Calls that draws the situation of postmodernism for science, education, and to society in general and the person requires the development of new approaches to the understanding of the human being in a different world. The specifics of the proposed program involves an appeal to the key issues of modern anthropology, attention to phenomena such as visual turn (the development of visual studies in the theory, which occurred in the last decade, and gave birth to five newPy analysis discovered the problem of the image, as including the problem of the analysis of cultural texts), the ever-increasing role of communication in the world of modern media, philosophical change in the landscape of contemporary culture (the development of the dialogue, Other) and, as a consequence ofs, as amended relating to scientific, artistic, political, religious and ethical matters); issues of cultural translation that goes beyond just the linguistic model of translation, development of new humanities-based sovremennyh philosophical interpretations of culture (deconstruction, post-colonial and gender studies, micro-story, knowledge of archeology, sociology, media, etc. ) Program involves an appeal to a wide range of topical issues of the day, each of which - from politics to art, from the economy to ethics - is directly related to modern facilitiess mass communication, or - media. The role of the media environment in the world today is so great that I have to say that mass communication is not just a tool, but a new human environment, which is increasingly becoming autonomous, and though retains the form of technical meanswell, but it goes beyond technology, understood as a "second nature" (produced by man). Because traditional anthropological approaches to the analysis of culture are faced with insurmountable challenges when it comes to cultural practices and the practices of everyday existence of modern man. Today, the emphasis shifts from analysis to the analysis of human communication links and streams in which it is included, which implies that changes in philosophy and sociology, and psychology, and anthropology. Bringing modern philosophy and critical theory to the analysis of different media spaces (cinema, television, Internet, urban environment, advertising, mass literature, labor, politics, modern art, etc. ) Allows you to problematize the changes that have taken place with the man and his habitat, as well as by the image of a person, to assess the impact of these changes on the very philosophy and theory. Thus, the key task is to attempt to understand this gap, which occurred in the traditional understanding of human nature, technology, communication in the twentieth century, as well as permanent retention of the differences between traditional and modern media however similarand they were. Many years of experience in scientific research and teaching staff of the Institute RUSH Ivgi and allows high-quality training to carry out a Masters in the field of "philosophy" in the master's program 520410 - philosophical anthropologistNotices and philosophy of culture - in full compliance with state standards and taking into account the specifics of the proposed. Program Description - http://kogni. ru/index/0-22
Rate is for 1 semester

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
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