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Educational programs
for foreign students

Art restoration of furniture

Field of Education:Art and Culture
Art and Culture:Restoration
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Stroganov Moscow State Industrial Art University

Cost: 1 курс - 200.000 руб. 2 курс - 200.000 руб. Всего: 400.000 rub.

Department of evil-as-space-tion restorations-ra-tion of furniture was created in 2003. Insti-do-u-extending kafed-swarm - Andrew Igor HIV-Masha-kin, Associate Professor, can-di-date art. Training of stu den Comrade on spe-chi but al-STI restorations-ra-tor furniture carried societies la etsya in MGHPU them. S. G. Build-A-ha-nova in 1999. Training of the pro-ho-CIO for two stu-pen-cha-way system - "Bachelor restorations-ra-tion" and "Master of restorations-ra-tion." Students was obtained a diploma of height-shem-formation zone all-SRI, corresponding wet-operation-ju-extending between-on-race-tion stan-dar there. Outlet nickname given strength direction of under-le-go-reparation, in accor-dance with the wet-pro-gram-mine, is obtained once-but-sides-it, com-plex-tion-formation , Of, in the process of training-thing of mastering de Vaeth not only pro-fes-CO-Nal-governmental skills-kami restorations-ra-tion, but osvaemye-and-Vaeth such theo-re-ti- AK All-The total history-Riya art-tion, history of furniture, history inter-Riera, history Orna-ment, history tissue her museum-ve de-tion, philosophy-of- hy; tion, with ob-schA a K scientific research-to-va-tor-tion work on Atri-bu-tion before the Comrade-me-his-ri-che-tion of furniture. Continued zhaya and time-vee-hand tra-di-tion, Salo-wives-ITATION Straw-ga-new-formula-tion school at the beginning of the XX century, the Department of restorations-ra-tion about the furniture of a pain-CIO Shui -Ra-tion, reconstruction, structural-tion and restoration of buildings NIJ-before-me-his-comrade Che-ri-tion of furniture. Prio-ri-tet-tion direction le-tion of the department are-etsya, first of all, restorations-ra-tion and scientific research-to-wa-Tel Skye work-study human NIJ furniture-tion Lek-tion of the museum MGHPU. At the same time, the Department is actively co-ni-chaet such muse-tions as state-space-grant-tion His-ri-che-sky museum, museum-estate Arkhan-gel-parameter, the Museum of furniture, etc. Educate-Yas in the department's bad-as-mental-tion restorations-ra-tion of furniture stu-dents is obtained high-to-pro-fes-CO-Nal-tion under the first-reparation, item-in-la-ju-, Extending into the distance-it-shem find at-me-not, of his theory-re-ti-che-sky value-tions and pro-fes-CO-Nal-tion skills-kam. They can work a thief in many possess styah: how restorations ra-tors, storage or museum-Teli-tion furniture-tion number of lectures as well as a pro-ek-ti-ditch-crates of furniture 6shy; Che-ray STI-Lyakh, which are a hundred-but-come increasingly popular-governmental in recent time. Discipline - Master An up-men-ITATION of the problem restorations pa-chi-it-tion science course of lectures on modern-men-tion problem and pro-chah-bleu-stroke restorations pa-chi-it ­ tion of science. Historians of Riya and methods to-lo-ergy restorations pa-chi-On-His-tion of science Riya impact-nick-but-ve of the restorations pa-chi-it-tion of science. Principles and methods to-lo-ergy. Social al-tion history and philo-Riya-co-ra-phy restorations-chi-it-tion of science. Restorations-ra-tion pre-less comrade PDI course based on the van restorations-ra-tion pre-less comrade furniture satisfied-nen-tion in complex-tion of the manufacture of nickel-comrade-le-care systems using 26shy; tion increment hundred-tion, Intars-sion, Mar-Kemp, and included chaet restorations-ra-tion of poly-chrome-tion vividly recording and metal-li-su-ro-van-tion over-but- , Less Comrade furniture and interior design. Scientific-research-to-wa-Tel Skye Scientific research work-to-wa-Tel Skye work consists of under-go-reparation magicians sr-tion thesis. Scientific-research-to-wa-Tel Skye practice Scientific research-to-wa-Tel Skye prac-tices include prises the job in the arch-wah, background-dah museum-tion number of lectures, bib 26shy; lio-the-framework of, laboratory-ra-a-tories and restorations pa-chi-it-tion-ing master of leading museums. Research and pedal go-gi-che-Skye practice purpose scientific and pedal go-gi-che-tion practices are a-etsya form E-ro-va-tion the base of new knowledge pedal go-gi- Th-tion work as a result of participation stu den Comrade mages orchestras in the pre-for-da-va-tor-tion activities.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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