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Educational programs
for foreign students

Restoration of artistic metal

Field of Education:Art and Culture
Art and Culture:Restoration
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Stroganov Moscow State Industrial Art University

Cost: 1 курс - 200.000 руб. 2 курс - 200.000 руб. Всего: 400.000 rub.

Participation in exhibitions and winning works exhibition "Molo Dyje restorations-ra-tori" in the exhibition stan-voch-tion complexes mosquito-on-the-after-que - "White House on Precu-wall." July-September-tember 2006 , 2007 Cum-ITATION of the department RHM them. S. G. Straw-ga-new, stu-dents IV year Bachelor-ata, I year master. Department of "restorations-ra-tion ill-same-governmental strength metal" was created in MGHPU them. S. G. Straw-ga-new in 1999 and in pain-necks degree ori-en-ti-po-wang on under-go-reparation spe-chi-and-a-ists in the area of ​​museum-tion and archaeo- , Tion restorations-ra-tion. Train-ing at the Department of construc-os according to the principle: from of a simple - to complex Nome. More At the first course of stu-dents learn how to have recourse to the memory-nor-com is correctly performed the thread measurements and gra-fi-che-ski isobutyl ra-zit De-Lie in tra-di- shy; tion for Build-A-ha-install tech-nology-washed. This, in particular, but the STI, natse-Leno-human study of this important strength pre-meta as "Measurements". Does this pre-meth milk with water for the pre-da-va-tor Solo veva E. N. - Lau Reate between-on-race-tion and the All-SEA-ing con-courses on SEE-lira-art Nome-operation. The value of this dis-chi-Pliny the future for present artist-nick-restorers-ra-tor can hardly be over-estimated the thread. Nowadays removed etsya playback hundred-no-build multi-well No. DAMAGE-tion, or even completely am-chen-tion memory-no-ing just blah-ho-giving that during his time with them measurements. In addition, in the process of training, four-tion on the low-order egg-sah stu-dents do a lot of copies, blah-ho-giving what they phased study was prepared as-yet-lo-gi-che-cal pro- -Coupled-ITATION to form the bot-tion metals. Logic-tion pro-long-as-set and time-vee-Thieme pre-meta "Measurements" are-etsya another basic-hand dis-chi-Pliny - "Project recon-tion structure" under-Dhu-ra-me-all-u-schaya scientific proof of Dhu-e-my-substantiation and no-van-ing Sun-hundred-new-le-set loss, IME-th-ing on the memory-nickel. Performed-not-tion of the problem on the pre-met was shown connected with the study-and four-tion analogous to con-ZOM-Chretien-tion of things from the museum-tion number of lectures. Many students and seriously work melt away in museums, archives wah, bib-lio-the-framework of, looking for ana-lo-Geach-ITATION memory-nicks constitute type-lo-gi-che-cal ranks. As a result, they write a serious work-tion, where the dock-za-va-etsya that it was morning-Cheno. This is the present-I-tion schaya scientific work, in which the composition of a swarm of self-described addition of the pre-and meta-izlo of the same proof-of-ments, the WMO-DYT gras photo-graphy, dawn-moth t SVR de Tel-Vat No. in favor of the memory-nickname initially had such an appearance. The practice of state-space-grant-tion His-ri-che-sky museum. Department restorations ra-chi-it-tion-ing master. The study of the tech-no-che-ing at-e-atoms in restorations-ra-tion ill-same-governmental strength of the metal. MGHPU them. S. G. Straw-ga-new. Bad-as-space-ITATION master-tions of metal at the Department of RHM. The study of the tech-no-che-ing at mov-e-SEE-lira-tion skills. Employment and demand for graduates Chavu-shyan Light-lang (2007) - artist-nick-restorers-ra-tor GIM. Coley-ing Oleg (2007) - artist-nick-restorers-ra-tor-Museum Zapor-Veda-nick "the Moscow Kremlin cue." Karan da Chevron Alexan-der (2007) - head. s-what-rum-tion of scientific restorations-ra-tion metal THG. Chapa-hin Michael (2007) - pre-for-da-va-tor Department HOM, MGHPU them. S. G. Stroganov. Science, publications, articles, Goto-comes to the edition of the NIJ: Krylov AP Textbook-ing Pozo beats for restorations-ra-a-ditch and artist-or-ing-SEE-a-ditch, "Butt-tion gemology." Create etsya book: Sorbs-ing A. G. "Sprites voch-nick restorations ra-tor-metal" Theses Magee-country tour in 2007 Coley-ing Oleg: research-to-all-of the art manufac-comrade-le-ton of goldOn the crown of the icon "God-ma-ter of God-any-Sky" from the Assembly of the Museum of Moscow's Kremlin. Chapa-hin Michael: research-to-all-of the art manufac-comrade-le-tion and reconstructive Cowan struc-tion-tion svettsy XVII-XVIII centuries. Karan da Chevron Alexan-der: research-to-all-of the art 'gold of the pickup "Suz-fur-ray" gold-mentioned Gate "from birth governmental-ing the Cathedral of XIII century. Chavu-shyan Light-lang: research-to-all-of the art manufac-comrade-le-tion and STI-to-STI-che-ing their ob-ra-manifold salt-you-four-year-ray hy; nuc-tion enamelled bust, the end of the XVII century from the Assembly of the Museum of Moscow's Kremlin.

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