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Educational programs
for foreign students


Field of Education:Humanities
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 190000 rub.

General Training in "Linguistics" (specialty code - 035700) is the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Department. Head - Doctor of philological sciences, professor, academician IHEAS Mikheev Natalya Fyodorovna. Graduates of the department in this area receive a Bachelor of Linguistics and two diplomas: the referent-perevodchikapo two foreign languages ​​(French or Spanish, English) is also possible to study a Masters andgraduate and become true explorers language, competent generalists. The period of training: 5 years or 4 years depending on the form of training. Form of study: full-time, part-time (evening), a second degree. Historical Background Preparation is carried out in this area since 1996, but the producing department dates back to the early days of the establishment of the University of Peoples' Friendship - in 1960. Over the years thousands of students received a good education, work successfully with a degree and never forget almamater, since it employs highly qualified teachers, for which priority has always been and remain professionalsional orientation, active interaction between teacher and student, the creation of psychological comfort in the learning process. At the present stage due to changes in the political and socio-economic development of the Russian course and expansion of international contacts, there is an urgent need for professionals who would be able to not only work as a translator for himselfth a high professional level (simultaneous translation), but also possessed the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of intercultural communication competence, without which successful communication, effective intercultural communication. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia was one of the first institutions of higher education in our country, which has introduced new training programs and special courses taught for future professionals in this area. Profession today is not currently possible to imagine a learning process without the use of modern multimedia equipment, the latest technical educational tools. The training involves all the necessary equipment: Laboratory of Experimental Phonetics and Linguistics, students have the opportunity to work in a multimedia classroom, hall of interpretation. Computer labs are equipped with the modern technical requirements, students have the opportunity to work with computer training and testing programs use the resources of the World Wide Web Internet and electronic library resourcesKey People's Friendship University. In this specialty Department of Foreign Languages ​​Faculty of Philology is graduating. Future linguists receive training that includes the scope of language education, cross-language communication, intercultural communication, linguistics, and new information technologies. Students will be deeply and seriously study the theory studied foreign languages, theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages ​​and cultures, translation and translation, lexicology and stylistics, history and culture of the country of the studied language, a common and frequentlytion of translation theory and many other theoretical courses. Of particular interest to students is always cause such lectures as: "The problem of normativity in language and speech", "Dialectology Romance and Germanic languages", "Problems of speech etiquette", "National moleculesturnaya specific communication "," Transfer Features of commercial letters "," Interlanguage interference in translation "," Problems of intercultural communication ", because the study of these new academicx disciplines enables linguists to become competent in their field of expertise. This program extends the scope of application of knowledge in students and provides them with a wholly-employment in the future. Among the teachers, providing training in "Linguistics", the department has leading scientists honored workers of teacher education, the authors of many textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education of Russias: N. M. Firsov (d f. n. , Prof. , Acad. IHEAS), N. F. Mikheev (d f. n. , Prof. , Acad. IHEAS), T. B. Larina (village f. n. , Prof. ), O. S. Chesnokov (d f. n. , Prof. ), S. G. Sahadze (Room f. n. , Prof. ), L. D. Chervyakova (Room § n. , Prof. ), N. G. Kamyshnaya, associate professors L. B. Ulyanischeva, E. B. Zakharov, S. B. Tomasevic and many others. Scientific school work in research and training is conducted within three cathedral Topics: 0507040000 "Contact Linguistics. Modern methods of teaching foreign languages ​​"(scientific hands. - Etc. f. n. , Prof. , Acad. IHEAS N. Mikheev F. ). 0507030000 "Intercultural communication language" (Head - Doctor f. n. , Prof. , Acad. IHEAS Firsova M. ) 0507052589 "national - cultural characteristics of English and Russian communicative behavior" (Head - Doctor f. n. , Prof. Larin T. B. ). The scientific work of the department also conducted on the following topics: "The methods of linguistic research" (16. 21. 21), "Culture of speech and language norm" (16. 21. 61), "Sociolinguistics" (16. 21. 26), "lexicography" (16. 21. 65), "Psycholinguistics" (16. 21. 29), "The linguistic translation issues" (16. 31. 41), "Linguistic text" (16. 21. 33). Department of Foreign Languages ​​won a grant (State contract number 02. 741. 11. 2089 20. 08. 2009), "Organizational and technical support of the All-Russian Scientific Youth School" Contact languages ​​and dialects in the aspect of intercultural communication ", the head of operations - the village of f. n. , Prof. , Acad. IHEAS N. Mikheev F. According to the results of the School issued a compilation of reports and messages "Contact languages ​​and dialects in the aspect of intercultural communication." Currently, teachers of foreign languages, develop the following new directions in linguistics as "contact linguistics and dialectology", "cross-language and phraseology mezhvariativnaya", "crosskulturnaya grammar "," Foundations of Semiotics. " Currently, work is nearing completion on the fourth edition of the first in the world lexicology "Spanish-Russian dictionary: Latin America." In the processing of the dictionary involved 17 people. D. f. n. , Prof. , Acad. IHEAS N. M. Firsov - Editor, the developer structure of the entry and one of the authors of the dictionary. In research and in teaching in the People's Friendship University and other universities in the country, regularly used the results of the research. N. F. Mikheyeva and N. M. Firsova been modernized and developed two programs to the candidate minimum ("Romance languages" and "Germanic languages"). In 2007, professor in the Department of Foreign Languages ​​T. B. Larina a grant RFH. Subject: 050705-2-589 - National cultural features of English and Russian communicative behavior. Since 1986. Every two years the largest international scientific - practical conference "Stepanov Readings", annually - research schools and round tables for youth. At conferences and scientific schools are participating university professors and researchers from different cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. Teachers of the department annually participate in scientific conferences held outside the university (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University. M. B. Lomonosov Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow State Institute and other leading universities of Russia and the world). The department receives annual participation in the organization of international exhibitions at the Exhibition Center "Peace without Borders", "Education Week" (participation in the organizing committee and the nomination committee for the award show). The specifics of teaching and the application of knowledge of the uniqueness of the teaching profession is closely related to the specific training at the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples. Since the founding of the university, its distinctive feature is the possibility of studying one or more foreign languages, followed by a graduate translator. Choosing the five-year module "Translator", students begin their studies at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and general studies, where for years he conducted intensive training of two foreign languages. Daily intense training, practice with native speakers actually help students learn foreign languages ​​by total immersion. Areas of application knowledge. At the upper classes, many students will be able to try to realize his dream - to become a translator, since the department for decades is being trained professional (including simultaneous). It is no coincidence People's Friendship University Faculty of Philology students begin their careers earlier than others: foreign language teachers, employees of embassies, travel agencies, translators, editors, literary critics - that's a directull list of opportunities to apply the knowledge. Bachelor's degree makes graduates competitive not only in Russia but also abroad enables translators to work generalist specializing in many fields of interpretation and translation, allows for continued formationization not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. At bachelor-linguists often an opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice, even in training. At the time of the popular all over the world "Eurovision" contest in Moscow (in 2009) in each of the foreign delegation had translators - students of the Faculty of Philology People's Friendship University. In 2010 at the World Championships in rhythmic gymnastics they have successfully worked translators consultants with all the participating teams. Future linguists have huge invaluable practical experience in the chosen specialty. Students practice base Philology RUDN enrolled in "Linguistics", while studying at the Faculty are several types of practices. Student teaching students the third year classes are on the 1st Masters Degree and Peoples' Friendship University under the guidance of their teachers. Some students held teaching practice in schools. For many years the department cooperates with the State educational institution of secondary school № 1252 with in-depth study of the Spanish language, the name of Cervantes CAO Moscow. Since February 2011 the Faculty will be another basic school - SEI school № 1308 with in-depth study of the English and German languages, the Company Moscow. Here, students of linguistics will practice in the teaching of foreign languages. During the teaching practice students acquire the necessary skills to conduct training sessions for foreign languages ​​and extracurricular activities with students. They are learning to make educational materials on the basis of already developed techniques, actively involved in the preparation and implementation of various projects in the educational, cultural and educational fields. Production (translation) Practice For over 10 years, graduates of the bachelor in "Linguistics" are the practice of translation in the Russian Foreign Ministry. In the beginning they were asked to go through the practice of interpretation and translation services for a month, as well as in summer. At the moment, 10 graduates of the department are working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a regular basis. Other students have practice on the basis of the international department of People's Friendship University, or on the basis of companies and enterprises with which the faculty or students. During practice, students 4th year demonstrate practical translation skills in the professional field. Many students take an active part as translators in events held in the People's Friendship University, and other organizations and institutions. During the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the People's Friendship University in February 2010, most of the students were involved in the organization of this event for the meetings, accompany guests arriving on the anniversary of many countries. Every year, students of linguistics enlisted as volunteer translators for various sports, cultural and social events. Future linguists also have the opportunity to engage in research activities under the supervision of leading scientists of the department. They take an active part in the student academic society, academic circles and seminars, conferences and workshops for young people, and their works are published in many editions. Among the students a lot of winners papers. Internships, international cooperation department of foreign languages ​​is working closely with many foreign universities. The students, linguists have the opportunity to participate in the program "Learning Exchange", which is realized in cooperation with the University of Sorbonne in Paris (France). Students regularly undergo training in France, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, China, Egypt. They get invaluable experience in dealing with students and scientists around the world are learning effective cross-cultural interaction and participate in academic and extracurricular activities. Students are given the unique opportunity to work in the best university libraries, listen to lectures by leading scientists in the world, to take part in various conferences, seminars and scientific discussions. Department of Foreign Languages ​​has a joint venture agreement with such universities as the Berlin University of Management and Business Communication (Germany), University of Bordeaux-3 (France), University of Cadiz (Spain), University of East Berlin (Germany);

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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