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Educational programs
for foreign students


Physical and Mathematical Sciences:Radio
Field of Education:Physics and mathematics
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 880000 rub.

1. General information Name of the specialty with the code of OXO 2009: The Radio 011800 Graduate qualification in accordance with GEF: Bachelor Study period: 4 years Forms of study: Full-time 2. Historical information about the origin of the profession (knowledge) area of ​​professional activity: Specialty "Radio" exists in the People's Friendship University in 1961. In 1990, the specialty "Radio" was reorganized into specialty "Radio Physics and Electronics". In accordance with the new generation of the State educational standards since 2011, this specialty will be called "Radio". Issuing department is the department of radio physics. The annual output is radiophysicists 15-20. Occupational field radiophysicists includes solving the problems associated with the study and application of electronic, optoelectronic and laser devices, the use of the acquired knowledge in various fields related to electronics, communications,optics, acoustics, information technology and computer technology. 3. Profession today. Departments, laboratories involved in the learning process, producing department, taught special courses (possibly indicating the most interesting sections), distinguished, well-known in scientific circles, and so teachers etc. In the training process involves: 1. Graduate Department: Department of Radio Physics teaching and research laboratory of the Department of Radio Physics: Laboratory workshop on the basics of electronics and linear electric circuits laboratory workshop on the basics of electronics laboratory electrictronic devices Laboratory of Electrical Laboratory analog electronic circuits Laboratory foundations television Laboratory of Quantum Electronics, Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics, Laboratory of Physics and Technology Microwave Laboratory to performterm papers and dissertations on the specialty: the laboratory: optoelectronics, integrated optics, Photolithography, Thin Film Physics, Optical measurements 2. Departments leading teaching on the HPD disciplines: mathematical analysis and the theory of functions, differential equations, theoretical mechanics, theoretical physics, physics, Industrial Ecology 3. Departments leading teaching on GEN subjects: Foreign Language. Number 3, the Russian language. Faculty of Engineering, Physical Culture and Sports Stories Russia, Ontologies. and the theory of knowledge, Experimental Physics, Theory and History of Culture, Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy, Political Science, State and Municipal Management, Theory of State and Law 4. Taught by the Department of Radio Physics specific disciplines: Theory of oscillations, Physics of continuous media, propagation of electromagnetic waves, statistical physics, Electronics, Physical Electronics, Semiconductor Electronics, QuantaSingle Radio Physics, Radio Circuits and Signals, Physics and technology of microwave, digital circuits, and microcontrollers, analog electronic circuits, integrated optics, coherent optics, quantum electronics, lasers, laser applications deserved, limestones in academia teachers graduating chair of Radio Physics: D. t n, professor Komotskii Vladislav Antonovich - Head of the Department, the author of more than 10 inventions and more than 100 scientific papers on f. -M. n. Professor Viktor Shevchenko - Honored Worker of Science, Senior Researcher, Head of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, etc. t n. . Professor Michael G. Vasilyev, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, etc. f. -M. n. Professor Edward Tishchenko Afanasevich-leading researcher at the Institute for Physical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, K. f. -M. n. , Associate Professor Tamara K. Chekhlova-author of over 200 scientific papers, since t n. , Associate Professor Gudzenko Alexander is the author of 38 inventions and more than 100 scientific papers, since f. -M. n. , Associate Professor Anatoly Osovitsky-author of over 100 scientific papers, since f. -M. n. , Associate Professor Adolf T. Reutov-author of many textbooks and more than 50 scientific papers. k f. -M. n. , Associate Professor Gorobec A. AP - The author of textbooks and more than 50 scientific papers. 4. The existing faculty of science school of the profession, research areas, the founder of the school, academic achievement, and so etc. One of the main research directions - "Integrated Optics". Research in this area began at the initiative of the Department of Radio Physics etc. f. -M. Mr. prof. L. N. Deriugina in the 1960s, before the advent of the first publications in the foreign and domestic press and were pioneering. A significant contribution to the development of integrated optics made on f. -M. Mr. Professor V. E. Sotin, associate B. I. Anikin, A. N. Osovitsky, A. N. Polovinkin, D. A. Letov, L. A. Osadchev, T. K. Chekhlova, A. T. Reutov, A. N. Marchuk, A. I. Gudzenko, A. AP Gorobec, as well as a number of foreign graduate students. As a result of the development of this research direction have been created and developed the theory of new models of integrated-optical devices that are protected by copyrights and patents, diplomas and certificates marked with the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National'sozyaystva. A considerable amount of work has been done in the field of optoelectronics, laser probing of surface acoustic waves, development of optoelectronic measurement techniques of physical quantities. In this area, working on a group of t n. , Prof. Komotskii B. A. , K. f. -M. n. , Assoc. Korol'kova B. I. , K. f. -M. n. Sokolova Yu M. With the active participation of Russian and foreign graduate students. In the field of integrated optics and optoelectronics has been protected for more than 50 master's theses. 5. Specificity of the uniqueness of teaching at the University of the profession, with an emphasis on the study of foreign language students direction "Radio" may specialize in a scientific direction "Integrated Optics », and perform experimental work in the field of optoelectronics, nanoelectronics and theoretical work in the field of applied electrodynamics. The department has an extensive laboratory facilities, which is available to students for training and for research. More than 30% of class time in the curriculum assigned to carry out practical and laboratory work. As a result, along with the basic theoretical knowledge students gain practical skills with modern instruments and equipment, and it helps them to further successful employment. Strongly encouraged students to participate in the research work of the department. For example, in the past, and the current school year the students produced more than 10 papers at scientific conferences, including at conferences in other universities: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, MIPT. 6. Areas of application knowledge. It is advisable to specify a specific position, and possible related areas of application of acquired knowledge Positions staffed by graduates of the 2005-2010 years. : Research Scientist, engineer, physicist, engineer for video conferencing, telephone engineer, planning engineer video access systems, the installation engineer department, engineer, video equipment, hardware engineer, technicianvideo surveillance systems, IT-specialist types of enterprises for professional work: research centers, industry organizations and businesses, asking for the creation, development and use of fiber-optic and mobile networks, and the onekzhe private high-tech firms and corporations. 7. The base practices. Indicate where students practice and summary of the practice. Students of "Radio" are educational practices in the laboratories of the department, as well as in the laboratories of academic research institutions with which the Department (IRE RAS, Institute for Physical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, LaLaboratory "Sub-micron structures" in Inorganic Chemistry RAS), and in the laboratories of a number of small businesses. 8. Internship. Information about internships of students in the study of the profession showing the locations of training, their duration, and where appropriate. Appropriateness, timing, duration and form of fellowships are defined in each particular case on the need for the educational process and the possibility of the host country. 9. International cooperation with other partner universities. Department of Radio Physics has research links with a number of Russian and foreign universities and research institutions, including MSU. M. B. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Bauman. N. E. Bauman, MIREA TUSUR, IRE RAS, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Inorganic Chemistry them. N. S. Kurnakova RAS. A number of teachers in the Department of Radio Physics were trained in foreign universities and also have experience in teaching at universities around the world. 10. Student Scientific Society. Brief information on each direction VAT, scientific mug. Scientific student groups (scientific workshops with students) Department of Radio Physics: Integrated Optics (Room f. -M. n. , Associate Professor Osovitsky A. N. ) Research area: integrated optics. Optoelectronics (d t n. Professor V. Komotskii A. , K. f. -M. n. , Associate Professor V. Korol'kov I. ), The scientific direction: optoelectronics, coherent optics and holography. . Microcontrollers and their applications (building f. -M. n. Nikulin F. ). The circle on the development of technologies NationalInstrumentsi programming in LabVIEW (k f. -M. n. , Associate Professor V. Korol'kov I. ). Scientific seminars with the participation of students of the Department of Radio Physics: Every year in the spring semester conducting a series of 6-8 students' scientific workshops "Integrated Optics and Optoelectronics" (K. t n. , Associate Professor Gudzenko A. I. , Art. Ven. Bikeev O. N. ). 11. Graduates. Specify known, talented graduates of this specialty with their merit, place of work, it is desirable to provide a brief curriculum vitae and always with a photo. Graduates of the Department of Radio Physics 2005-2010 years. working for companies such as: "CROC - system integrator", ZAO MTS 'Microwave Communication ", OOO" Siemens ", LLC" VimpelCom "," Hewlett Packard ", LLC" Impulse%26raquo;, LLC "FOX-audio", VGUP NPO. Lavochkin Telecenter on Shabolovke, LLC "Light", "Gas-Kit-Impex". Research Institute of Aviation Instrument Design. Pilyugina. Several graduates of the past years have have degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences and work in positions of responsibility in education, industry, government in the Russian Federation and in other countries.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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