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Power Machinery

Energy, power engineering and electrical engineering:Power Machinery
Field of Education:Energy, power engineering and electrical engineering
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 109760 rub.

1. General information about the specialty "Power Engineering" Title specialty - 141100 "üÎÅÒÇÅÔÉÞÅÓËÏÅÍÁÛÉÎÏÓÔÒÏÅÎÉÅ" Graduate qualification - Bachelor, Master Bachelor for the standard period of developmentbasic education programs, including postgraduate leave (full-time study) - 4 years, master's, in addition, a further 2 years of study. Study - Full 2. Historical information about the origin of the specialty "Power Engineering" Within the specialty "Power Engineering" have different areas of professional activities related to the specificCoy institution of higher education, for example, focus on the aviation, automotive and tractor industry, shipbuilding, power stations, etc. , With the Bachelor of this field of study can be focused on a variety of professional activities: design and engineering, research and development, production and technology, installation and commissioning, service-operateonnaya and organizational management. The department was set up two years after the founding of People's Friendship University in 1962 first rector Professor S. B. Rumyantsev. Historically, that the Department of Thermal Engineering and heat engines in the educational program, bachelors can choose one of two areas of study, "Turbomachinery" and "Internal Combustion Engines", etcand they are mainly oriented to service-operational, organizational and administrative activity. Graduates of the department - masters, specialization "Steam and Gas Turbines" and "Piston and hybrid engines" are more focused on research, design and engineering, service-exating organizational and managerial activities. Masters prepared for graduate studies in a number of scientific disciplines related to the power machine building, including in the field of 05. 04. 12 - turbomachine turbine and combined and 05. 04. 02 - heat engines, the latest of which exists in the People's Friendship University Dissertation Council D 212. 203. 33 on the protection of master's and doctoral theses. 3. Specialty "Power Engineering" today Currently bachelor's and master's degree, "Power Engineering" in the People's Friendship University prepares Department of Thermal Engineering and heat engines. The first 5 semesters of students' engine specialists "and" Turbinist "train together, and starting from the 6th semester is specialization, and the end of undergraduate students at two majors learn separately. Education ends on the 8th semester passing state exams and the protection of undergraduate work in the field of internal combustion engines and steam or turbomachinery. In undergraduate students learn basic special disciplines: design and methods of computation theory workflows, fuel and lubricating materials, production technology, operation and maintenance of internal combustion engines and turbomachinery, and establishedok with them. When conducting classes widely used multimedia and computer equipment. Perform course projects in design and operation of heat engines using MathCADi AutoCAD. Practical and laboratory work conducted in the laboratories of the Department: teromodinamiki and heat transfer, gas dynamics, school construction, operation and maintenance of internal combustion engines, turbomachinery and their units, motor units FMP and IDT, computer classes. To continue their education in a master's bachelor must pass a competitive examination. During training at the graduate students working on a master's thesis in the field of reciprocating engines or combined steam and gas turbines, to the protection of which is state examination. The department has a scientific - research equipment used by the students to carry out the experimental part of his work: blower for gas-dynamic studies of blade machines (Head, Associate Professor Yu Antipov A. ), Stand for the study of processes in heat pumps (Head, Professor I. Shatalov K. ), Vibro - noise apparatus for the study of fans and blowers (Head, Professor Vlasov E. N. ) Stands for the diesel fuel and gasoline fuel injection equipment (head, assistant professor Savastenko A. A. ), Stands with reciprocating internal combustion engine type IDT and FMP (Head, Professor S. Gusakov B. ), Etc. For optimization of training and research activities in the department were created: the Laboratory "Energy-saving technologies" at the heart of which is the predominant weight take the learning process, research and productionnnaya implementation of the results of research, Center for Science and Engineering and Research Center for further education RETD - "Resource and Ecology of heat engines' Friendship University, the priority directions of activitySecond is to conduct scientific research in the fields of energy engineering and training of highly qualified scientific personnel. Final work of a student is not in vain called the thesis. It should be done on a topical issue contain an analytical review of the literature, with ensuing objectives of the study, the elements of scientific novelty and practical significance, to have valid conclusions and recommendations. Writing of this level involves a lot of independent creative work of a student, instructed his supervisor. 4. Scientific schools and directions in "Power Engineering" Teaching staff of Thermal and heat engines includes distinguished and well-known in the scientific community of teachers. Patrahaltsev N. N. , Etc. t n. , Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Head of the Research School on the issue of efficiency, economy and ecology engine. Section "Improving the efficiency of transient engine operating modes, the use of alternative fuels and engine regulation changes of physical - chemical properties and motor fuel." Published more than 100 scientific articles, training manuals, monographs, etc. etc. over the last 10 years. During this time, under the section prepared 17 candidates of sciences. Shatalov I. K. , K. t n. , Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Head of the Research School on the problem of unsteady modes of gas turbine engines and the development of energy-saving technologies in the use of heat pumps, compression-driven heat capacityAtel and disposing of their warmth. Published more than 115 scientific articles, teaching aids, etc. etc. , Prepared under the section 3 of the candidate of technical sciences. Ganders C. B. , Etc. t n. Professor, Head of the Research School on the issue of efficiency, economy and ecology engine. Section "Mathematical modeling, experimental investigation and management methods of physical and chemical processes of mixture formation, ignition, combustion and pollutant formation during combustion of both traditional and alternatives fuels to improve energy, economic and environmental parameters of piston engines. " Published more than 100 scientific articles, teaching aids, etc. etc. , Prepared under this section 11 candidates of sciences. Vlasov E. N. k t n. , Professor, head of the school of the problem of sonic perfection turbomachinery. Published more than 160 scientific articles, training manuals and monographs, and has 5 licenses on the implementation of the results of scientific work on the turbine plants and 35 inventions. Vinogradov L. B. k t n. , A professor, an expert in the field of turbomachinery flow profiling, the development of computer-aided design, has published more than 100 scientific articles, teaching aids, etc. etc. Savastenko A. A. , K. t n. , Assistant professor, an expert in the field of diesel fuel injection equipment, has published more than 50 scientific articles, teaching aids, etc. etc. Barsky I. A. , K. t n. , Assistant professor, an expert in the theory of gas turbines and reciprocating internal combustion engines, has published more than 190 scientific articles, teaching aids, etc. etc. Yuri Antipov A. , K. t n. , Associate specialist in the field of energy saving technologies, has published more than 35 scientific articles, teaching aids, etc. etc. Shkalikov B. AP , K. t n. , Assistant professor, an expert in the field of traditional and alternative motor fuels, has published more research papers, teaching aids, etc. etc. and other teachers. 5. The specifics of teaching in "Power Engineering" in the People's Friendship University specificity and uniqueness of teaching at the University of the profession is that the majority of Russian graduates go to work in a joints Russian-foreign firms (Rolf Autoframos, Citroen, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, etc. ). Graduates - foreigners generally work in their home universities. And their knowledge of the Russian language helps in the realization of the scientific - technical projects under agreements between mining and the relevant foreign universities. At the Department prepared and published a number of educational materials, lecture notes in Spanish. Graduates are able to obtain post-baccalaureate certificates translators, and after the Masters - diplomas translation from English, German, French, and other languages. Approximately 25% of students use this opportunity. The curricula of undergraduate study of foreign languages ​​is provided. Under the new federal state educational standards (GEF-III) study of languages ​​is also planned, and a master's degree. 6. Areas of application knowledge. Most recent graduates working in their specialty: Plant "Salute", the CHP Moscow in the energy-producing companies, foreign car companies (for example, Volvo, Citroen, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, etc. ). 7. The base practices Heat power plant TPP-25 and TPP-20, educational and industrial base MEI, plant number 400 (Vnukovo). Familiarity with the equipment, the operation and maintenance of power equipment for thermal power plants. The study of technology of repair and testing of aircraft engines. The base practices of students specializing in internal combustion engines - firms and enterprises for the operation, maintenance of motor units with internal combustion engines. Namely, the company "Rolf», «BMW», «Citroen", "Mercedes", "Mitsubishi", "Reno", "Peugeot", etc. 8. Internship. In the 2010/2011 academic year, the student intern sent a graduate student Belozyorov A. I. , For a period of one year under the agreement between the ore and the company «Renault» - Germany. 9. International co-operation. The department has a large international links with universities in a number of countries in Latin America (Peru, Ecuador, Brazil). So, at the Universities of Peru (National University of Engineering Lima, National University of San Augustine, city Arequipa, Universidad Nacional Trujillo, Callao, Piura, etc. ) Employees of the department read about 20 training courses in Master degree programs, published in Spanish 30 textbooks, collections of articles and other materials. Under the leadership of the department reserved about 20 master's and four master's theses. At present, cooperation is with the National Engineering University of Peru, city Lima and the National University of San Augustine, city Arequipa. 10. Student Scientific Society. Under the "use of energy-saving technologies in power" is carried out group work with students. Each year 5 - 7 students perform at student conferences. There are a number of joint publications in the national press of teachers and students. VAT is also working on ways: Prof. Patrahaltsev N. N. "Improving the dynamic qualities of diesel engines"; Prof. Ganders C. B. "The development of software for internal combustion engines in the environment Windows Micro Soft Visual Studio»; Prof. Vinogradov L. B. "Profiling of complex contours on a PC (with respect to units boost ICE)", Prof. Shatalov I. K. "Special Sections operation of turbomachinery", Assoc. Shkalikov B. AP "The use of alternative fuels in internal combustion engines", Assoc. Savastenko A. A. "Features of the fuel equipment of diesel buses with" Riddhi Ratna Sthapit, (Nepal), no. 1984 , K. t n. from 1988 Professor National University of Nepal. 11. Successful graduates of the department. Riddhi Ratna Sthapit, (Nepal), no. 1984 , K. t n. from 1988 Professor National University of Nepal. Kuznetsov A. , Chairman of the State Unitary Enterprise "IN TECHNOPROMEXPORT" Leonardo Alvear Vladimir Sanchez (Ecuador, city Quito), no. 1983 , K. t n. from 1988 Professor Nat. Univ. Ecuador, the Quito. Kamyshnikov O. B. (RF), a graduate of Univ. 1971 , K. t n. from 1999 , Professor at the National University of San Agustin (Peru, city Arequipa). Guillermo Lira Cacho, (Peru, city Lima), a graduate of MADI, K. t n. (At University) in 1992 , Head of the School of Mechanics, electricians Nat. Engineering University of Peru, city Lima. Luis Antonio Lastra, (Peru, city Lima), no. 1982 , K. t n. from 1993 , Dean of the University of Technology in Peru, the Lima. A. reigns Z. MY. 1997 K. t n. from 2000 , Ch. Peoples' Friendship University engineer. Kaznachevsky B. L. , Vol. 2003 , K. t n. from 2006 , Deputy. Director of Development Firms Citroen representative in the Russian Federation. Rishi Raj (India), vol. 1969 , Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics City College, the New York, president of the Association of Indian scientists in the United States 12. Employment of Graduates of the department work in the factories "Salute" and "Avtoframos" TPP in the city Moscow in the energy-producing companies in many industrial, scientific - research, commercial, government organizations and universities in different countries. For example, in the Russian Federation: the company "Rolf», «BMW», «Citroen", "Mercedes", "Mitsubishi", "Reno", "Peugeot", etc. And abroad: the company "Leyland", "Brown Boveri Corp.. "" Caterpillar "," sale ", etc. etc. In the National Engineering University of Peru, city Lima (over 10 people), the National University of San Augustine, Peru, the Arequipa (5 persons), the University of Technology, Peru, the Lima (2 pers. ), National University of Nigeria (2 persons), the Universities of Lebanon, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, etc. 13. Extra-curricular life. Students are actively involved in the creative teams (example - "Rhythms of the Planet"), athletic achievement of students of the department - at a faculty and university levels. 14. GEF-IIIpo specialty "Power Engineering" at the present time (10. 10. 2010 ) Is not approved.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
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