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Mechanics of Solids

Metallurgy, mechanical engineering and materials processing:Applied mechanics
Field of Education:Metallurgy, mechanical engineering and materials processing
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time

University: National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)

Cost: 60 500 rub.

The purpose of the master's program at the direction of training 151,600. 68 "Journal of Applied Mechanics" are the provision of higher-depth professional education enables graduates to graduate to master universal and domain-specialized world-class competencies of this trend and successfullyto work in his chosen field of activity. The program aims to prepare master's degrees in mathematics and computer modeling in the construction and research methods pimeneniem solid mechanics. Master's fields of activity include: theoretical and experimental study of computer science and technical problems arising in the solution of problems of dynamics, strength, stability, sound optimization, durability, Reliability and safety of installations, structures and structures and their elements, the application of information technology, modern systems of computer mathematics, technology, finite element analysis and computational mechanics, high-end computer tehn€ Sociology of software systems engineering analysis and computer engineering, the application of advanced computer-aided design technology, based on the intensive use of multivariate finite-element modeling and technology development digitsovyh based virtual prototyping, digital three-dimensional models of buildings and all of its components and the study of the problems of mechanics of composite structures, the contact interaction, the contact damage, destruction, and reliability need to prepareMGRS in the master's program "Mechanics of Solids" trend 151600. 68 Applied Mechanics increases with the scale of the recent design of high-rise buildings and long-span structures. In connection with this program requires a deep study of numerical and analytical and numerical methods for mathematical modeling efficiency of buildings and structures, including high-rise and large span, under different treatments. Practical skills to use modern domestic and foreign software systems to solve these complex problems of graduate master in science and education center computer modeling of unique buildings and structures (REC IM) MGSS. Modern computational and experimental methods of solid mechanics used in the study of reliability, durability and safety of structures and installations, undergraduates MGSU direction of master in Applied MechanicsInstitute of Mechanical Engineering. The program provides for the study of research methods and the formation of the mechanical properties of multi-component construction of composites and composite structures. Practical development of undergraduates of these methods is conducted under the guidance of leading experts from the Institute of Physical Chemistry. Master Programme for two years. During the first three semesters of the program includes the study of general academic disciplines and professional cycle, as well as the passage of scientific and pedagogical practices. At the end of the first and beginning of the second year undergraduates of practical work in leading research and design institutions: the Central Research Institute of Building Constructions them. B. A. Kucherenko (CNIISK), Moscow Scientific-Research and Design Institute of typology and experimental design (MNIITEP), etc. During training graduate students acquire skills and knowledge in the use of modern domestic and foreign software systems in the computer calculations and design of complex building structures, modeling their harda deformable state and behavior during construction and operation.
Leading teachers: V. Andreev I. Corresponding Member RAASN, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department "Strength of Materials" MGRS. Kuznetsov B. Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor of "Strength of Materials". Mkrtychev O. B. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of "Strength of Materials". Turusov R. A. Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor of "Strength of Materials". Dzhinchvelashvili G. A. , Ph.D., Professor of "Strength of Materials". Leontiev N. , Ph.D., Professor of "Strength of Materials". Loktev A. A. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, associate professor of "Engineering Mechanics and Aerodynamics." Department of "Strength of Materials" Yaroslavl highway, 26, the first floor of the building, OLS 'G', Rm. 101 - 109. 1 semester -60,500 rubles, the second and subsequent magistrates_ifo_2 59000 Tel. / Fax: (499) 183-43-29, 183-85-59. E-mail: sopromat @ mgsu. ru; Website: http / / ifo. mgsu. ru Department "Theoretical mechanics and aerodynamics," Yaroslavl highway, 26, 5th floor KMC 534 - 538 aud. Tel. / Fax: (499) 183-24-01. E-mail: theormech @ mgsu. ru; Website: http / / ifo. mgsu. ru

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