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Educational programs
for foreign students

Furniture Design

Field of Education:Art and Culture
Art and Culture:Design
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Stroganov Moscow State Industrial Art University

Cost: 1 курс - 300.000 руб. 2 курс - 200.000 руб. 3 курс - 200.000 руб. 4 курс - 100.000 руб. Всего: 800.000 rub.

Graduate qualification - Bachelor Period of development of basic educational programs in full-time education - 4 years Bachelor's area of ​​professional activity: type of creative activity on the formation of an aestheticallyexpressive object space environment, integrating art, engineering and design, scientific and educational activities aimed at creating and improving highly aesthetic, competitive domestic products, sposobsFIT economic development, improve the level of culture and life. Objects of professional activity: a holistic aesthetically expressive complexes objective environment, satisfying the utilitarian and spiritual needs of the person (machinery and equipment, vehicles, interiors, printing, goodsConsumer). Bachelor of preparation 072500. 62 The design should address the following professional tasks in accordance with the professional activities: knowledge of methods of the creative process design, execution of exploratory sketches composite solutions design objects, the creation of Artsnnogo image; possession practical knowledge of various types of fine art and graphic design methods, development and execution of design projects, the creation of the original design, industrial design, or a series of author's collection of catoryh: various types of printed and visual products, means of transportation, types of costumes and items of cultural and community purpose, the creation of artistic subject-dimensional systems, the design of interiors in its variouspurpose buildings, architectural and spatial environment, objects, landscape design, knowledge bases, and artistic and industrial production, engineering design, manufacturing technology of printing products, costumes, toolstransport and the principles of artistic and technical editing, layout, computer technology, ergonomics and anthropometry methods, the implementation of administrative functions in the institutions, organizations, businesses, subdivisions, zanimayuschihsI design for the development of all spheres of public, residential and industrial activity, the application of the regulatory framework in practice, business negotiations and business correspondence; teaching at educational institutionstions, educational institutions of secondary vocational education and further education, educational planning, methodical execution of the work yourself delivering a lecture or practical training. Bachelor must: possess the culture of thinking, have the ability to synthesize, analyze, process information, goal setting and choice of ways to achieve it, to be able to logically true and clear arguments to build oral and written language; find opganizatsionno-management solutions in non-standard situations and take responsibility for them, to be able to use legal documents in their activities; strive for self-development, improve their skills and expertise, to be able to critically est.enivat their strengths and weaknesses, and identify ways to choose the means of self-improvement; aware of the social significance of their future profession, have a high motivation to perform professional activities; put to use basicNotices and methods of social, human and economic sciences in addressing social and professional problems, have the ability to analyze socially relevant issues and processes, respectful, and to preserve the historical and cultural heritagetraditions, tolerant of perceived social and cultural differences, knowledge of one foreign language at a level not lower than the spoken, aware of the value of humanistic values ​​for the preservation and development of modern civilization to be focused on the nPPLICATION methods and means of knowledge, training, and self-control for intellectual development, raising the cultural level and professional competence, the preservation of the health, moral and physical self-improvement. The requirements to the level of training of students BACKGROUND EDUCATION UNIVERSITY - secondary (complete) general education. Applicant must have a state approved secondary (full) general education or vocational education or vocational education, if it has a record of the receipt of the bearer of secondary (complete)education or higher professional education. Options for continuing education: Bachelors Graduates can continue their studies in this field of study in the master's degree. Requirements for the professional training of bachelor: The graduate should: hold pattern, and the ability to use the pictures in the practice of formulation and processing them in the direction of the design of an object, own choice of those principleshniki execution of a specific pattern; skills linear structural arrangement and the foundations of academic painting, basic skills of the sculptor; font modern culture, methods of work in the prototyping and simulation; PRIEMami working with color and color compositions, methods and technology of the classical techniques of easel (engraving, etching, monotopiya), the basic rules and principles set and layout, to understand the functions and tasks of institutions and organizations, firms,structural units involved in the design, ready to use regulations in practice, be oriented to teaching in secondary schools, educational institutions of secondary vocationaleducation further education, the learning process is able to plan, carry out methodical work independently to lecture or conduct workshops. The graduate should be able to: analyze and define the requirements for the design project, make a detailed specification of the requirements for the design project, to synthesize a set of possible solutions of the problem and approaches to the implementation of a design project, a scientific basistheir proposals; develop design idea based on the conceptual, creative approach to solving design problems, the possible methods of harmonization of forms, structures, facilities and systems, functional complex, composite solutions; ConstructsVat goods, wares, designs, collections, facilities, structures, objects, and prepare complete set of documentation on the design project to implement it, to carry out basic economic calculations of the project.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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