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Educational programs
for foreign students

International Management

Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 108000 rub.

Normative term development of basic educational training program for master's direction 080200 "Management" in full-time education for 2 years. Admission to the program is possible immediately after the baccalaureate, and after a period of employment. By the competitive selection of the right of admission to the Master of Management and specialized training are allowed citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens with higher professional education. The level of basic education students - undergraduate, specialty. Persons wishing to master the program of specialized training master in this area, and those with higher professional education of a profile are allowed to contest the results of passing the entrance exam for interdisciplinary disciplineWe needed to develop training programs for master's and provided the state educational standard of bachelor appropriate advisor. Admission to the graduate foreign students is determined by the current "Procedure for the admission of foreign citizens in the magistracy Friendship University of Russia", introduced by the Rector's order № 179 from 09. 03. 2006. The form of the admission test - a written exam on the interdisciplinary field of study. Competition in the 2011-2012 academic. g amounted to 7 people on a budget place of learning. The minimum passing score on a budget place to study program "International Management" - 81 points. Average high school seniors enrolled in the program "International Management" on the budget form of training - 86 points. The minimum passing score on the training contract under the program "International Management" - 30 points. The main characteristics of the learning process: The mission of the program "International Management", implemented by the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship - international classical university: the formation of multinational trainingx groups of people of different nationalities, races and creeds, preparation of highly qualified managers - the organizers, analysts and researchers to work in international companies and organizations large and small companies in variouss industries and state-municipal management, able to quickly adapt and be flexible when working in a new environment, in the face of increasing globalization and internationalization of economic activities requiring greater intertional coordination, education of individuals who are patriots of their country and friends of Russia on the basis of the principles of humanism, democracy and friendship among peoples, capable of managing diversity and communications on a global scale, adequately and rationallyabout react to different situations and creatively to make reasonable decisions. Currently study a Masters program "International Management" held 106 people from Russia, Serbia, Colombia, Mongolia, Ecuador, Cape Verde, Haiti, Peru, Cote D 'Ivoire, Nigeria, Syria, Jordan, China and the countries of the CIS andneighboring countries. Master's program "International Management" is fully focused on the international standards of knowledge. Feature of the program is its focus nasistemnoe problem solving in the context of the evolution of international business. In determining the structure of postgraduate training is quite clearly see a complete system that provides the formation of a unified educational space, the continuity of the bachelors and masters. During the course all students are undergraduates studying English. The organization of the educational process of undergraduates enrolled in the program "International Management", aims to continuously develop graduate education and the formation of his personal and professional qualities. The educational process is focused on the development of organizational and management skills, self-activation, cognitive activity of the student, teaching and research work, the formation of professional skills, focusx on the creative application of knowledge gained. The curriculum of the program "International Management" saved fundamental training of managers, which is complemented by disciplines and courses that enable future professionals to adapt well to a dynamic political and economiction situation in the country and the world. Structure of training meets modern requirements and takes into account the changes taking place in the educational market. The curriculum of the program "International Management" prepared in accordance with the requirements and within the federal state educational standard of higher education approved by the Ministry of Educationand Science in 2009 The structure of the curriculum development program provides students with different initial levels of training in terms of training, some op amps. All kinds of workload evenly distributed over the semester in terms of complexity, the number of disciplines and time. During the training, students receive fundamental knowledge in the field of: - management of the economy and research methods in management - contemporary issues management and strategic analysis of international business;- World experience in implementing management information systems - Corporate Finance - the situation in world commodity markets - legal regulation of economic activity- International monetary relations - Corporate governance in international business - Cross-Cultural Management - Conflict, social partnership and international peregovorov - International Logistics - global and regional processes in the structural modernization of the CIS countries - international advertising - Investment Analysis - internationalrelatives of strategic alliances. Distribution of teaching hours for lectures and practical differentiated in various disciplines, allowing them to take into account the specifics in terms of teaching methods and opportunities for a more complete mastery of the material by students. In each cycle of the curriculum included courses on students' choice. The educational process has good information and methodological support for all training courses and disciplines as required, and on the choice of students supported by the research library of the University, as well as through the active use of the Internet. For all the required courses and disciplines of choice are original programs and teaching faculty of the department. Master's in Education in accordance with the individual plan of a student of a student-developed with the participation of a student supervisor and head of the department of management, taking into account the wishes of the student. In order to acquire and improve practical skills and deepen and consolidate the knowledge all students master program "International Management" held externship. The research practice is carried out in the form of a real research project, which may be associated with the development of a theoretical trend (methods, techniques, models, etc. ) And the study of real organizations (for example, through a consulting project, a project to develop a strategy, and so etc. ). Job practical training designed to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and skills that students receive their practical application. The objectives of the research and pedagogical practices are: - the development and consolidation of theoretical skills iumeny student in research and teaching - the acquisition of practical skills and kompetsentsy, ansary in future career - to gain experience in independent professional activity, the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge vrealnyh a production environment; - introduction srabotoy and analysis of waspsnovnyh functional departments, the practice base. . The objectives of the research and practice teaching undergraduates are: - Consolidation of basic concepts, methods and tools for quantitative and qualitative analysis of management processes - learning to practice the basic elements of the processStrategic and operational management, the use of alternative development strategies at various levels of the organization; - introduction to practice the main information technology business process management - learning by doings strategy development process of the organization and analysis of its compatibility with current ideas about the latest techniques and cutting-edge scientific advances in its development - the acquisition of skills in identifying current problems and differentiation to their importanceand the study of their causes, of the empirical and applied research in order to create plans to overcome them - Consolidation of skills for independent research and teaching and research required for adoptionment of adequate management solutions - to introduce in practice to the management of organizations, departments, employee groups - mastering the skills of analysis of existing forms of organization management, the study of the organization and the formulation of proposalszheny for their improvement - process of collecting information on master's research, analysis and systematization. The main bases of research practices are large international companies, embassies, consulting firms, credit institutions, research organizations, enterprises of different sectors and forms of ownership, publics organizations, governmental agencies (companies "Siemens", "Hirsch International», «PriceWaterHouseCoopers», «LG Electronics», «British American Tabaco Russia", "Strabag% 26raquo;, OOO «Henkel», CocaCola, Lafarge, an international banking group "Societe Generale", Sberbank, VINITI, RBC-TV, Inc. "Petrovsky Passage," holding "Almiral", LLC "Heads Dostavki "," Corporation RBS ", etc. ). Teaching practice includes the development of training materials and training in the disciplines direction "Management" in the programs of bachelor or master's degrees. In the framework of research and teaching practice students master skills formed to prepare and conduct classes in subjects areas, as well as scientific and practical conferences, round tables and scientific seminars). The curriculum provides a "window of mobility" - internships, participation in conferences, trainings, seminars, round tables, etc. § That students use the program actively. In the framework of international double degree programs undergraduates enrolled in the program "International Management", are able to obtain double degrees. Partner universities in the CIS countries are the Belarusian State University, Donetsk National University, Dnipropetrovsk National University. Oles Gonchar, Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, South Kazakhstan State University, Tajik National University, the Russian-Tajik (Slavic) University, Kyrgyz National University. J. Balasagyn, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Eurasian National University. L. N. ENU. Masters are ready to continue graduate studies in the profile specialties according to the list of the Nomenclature of specialties researchers. Staffing of the educational process financial and logistical resources generated for the program, allow to attract highly qualified teachers to participate in the educational process in order to achieve the statedobjectives of the program. According to the GEF HPE 100% of teachers participating in the program, have a basic education, corresponding to the profile of the discipline being taught, and a degree or experience in the relevant field of professional and systematiccally engaged in research and / or scientific and methodical work. Go to the educational process in the disciplines involved in the professional cycle of at least 20 per cent of teachers from among the active leaders and key staff of relevant organizations, enterprises and institutions. At least 80 percent of the teachers, the learning process by providing professional cycle, have Russian or foreign academic degrees and academic titles, with a doctor's degree or academic rank of professor are at least 27 percentteachers. Most of the teachers of the number of staff members have considerable experience of teaching. In the preparation of undergraduates enrolled in the program "International Management", involving teachers of almost all departments of the Faculty of Economics - management, political economy, international economic relationstions, macroeconomic management, economic and mathematical modeling, finance and credit, advertising, marketing, regional economics, and geography, as well as the Department of Foreign Languages. Classes are led by heads of departments of management, marketing, international economic relations, advertising, leading professors and associate professors of economic faculty, practitioners. Teachers involved in the program "International Management" have the experience of practical work (or work part-time in the state in commercial companies ("RBC", "Gee Es Gless," « Business konsaltM "Publishing House" Personnel Management "," Lafarge "," Automation and Remote Control staff Soft "," Podium ", the center of the" President ", Polarisi others). Teachers implement a program to provide regular consulting services in the field of business process management, for example, in companies such as American International ore Corporation (AIOC, USA), Transammonia AG (Switzerland), Transglobal (UK), the project KPO (Karachaganak Petrolium Operating) in Kazakhstan, the company "Plastok" (city Moscow). Teachers graduating chair of Management participate in grants and cost accounting topics (for example, in 2009-2010. teachers implementing the OP, took part in the following topics and self-financing grants: "Technology development and use of professional standards for professional modular training and assessment personnel in corporate training centers, 2%6raquo;, «Conceptual approaches to the assessment of the effectiveness of a portfolio of innovative projects," "Changes in the spatial organization of the industry of the world", "Formation of the endogenous factors of economicRussian growth in the context of globalization "," The development of cross-cultural cooperation between ASEAN and Russia by improving foreign language in business and professional communication. " Among the teachers implementing the program: Academician of Natural Sciences, Member of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia, member of the Moscow Union of Journalists, Member of Soyfor the Journalists of Russia, member of the Expert Council of Association for Education in Management at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Member of the International Academy of Psychological Science, a member of the International Academy of Professional Education IVETA, An expert of the National Certification Authority Governors, the Moscow, Director of Research and Education Center in "Nano" People's Friendship University, Deputy. the editor of the editorial boards of scientific journals (Home Information Publications editorial board VINITI). Logistical support of the educational process educational process has good information and methodological support for all training courses and disciplines as required, and on the choice of students supported by university research librarythat, as well as through the active use of the Internet. For all the required courses and disciplines of choice are original programs and teaching faculty of the department. Keeping in mind the specifics of the current situation in the country, the department respond to changes in the national economy and in the world, new publications on the theory and practice of management, the emergence of new teaching materials and books, complementing their progRanma read basic courses and special courses of their choice. All disciplines of the curriculum (the direction and discipline specific and discipline of choice) adequately provided with modern training programs and other educational literature and other information resources. In the educational process is widely used new educational information technology, computer technology, sophisticated software. Faculty of Economics, Master of running the program "International Management", a logistical base for undertaking all kinds of practical, disciplinary and interdisciplinary trainingand scientific and research work of students, provided by the curriculum and the corresponding current sanitary regulations. As part of the development of information and logistical support of the educational process at the Department of eknomicheskom established computer labs, multimedia classrooms, a specialized library (5 display classes, more than 180 computersthe men of departments and service units). All classrooms Faculty of Economics, as well as a conference room and room number 4 libraries University) equipped with multimedia devices: stationary multimedia projectors, audio stands and displays. Good computer database supported by appropriate software. The training process uses multi-functional, educational and support programs: Arcwiev, Mapmaker, CorelDraw 10 Rus, Microsoft Encarta Interactive World Atlas 2001, Mentor; Project Expert 7. 0, Business Rates, 1C, SPSS 10; Metatrade; Business Game Nixdorf Delta, statistics, BestOffice, TEClient, GrammarRom, LongmanpreparationcourseforTOEFL, CambridgeFCERom, Talktome, reference and legal system "Consultant". They can intensify the learning process, improve the quality and culture. The presence of a local computer network with Internet access, faculty training portal Economist and university portal Weblocal allow students to have access to any interest of a basic course or elective courses from any computeryutera gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the information on a particular issue in the scientific library of the University libraries and departments. Facilities Department and the departments of computer, audio-visual and copy machines can also quickly update training materials, prepare a handout and bring it to the students, to diversify and intensify the educationalFirst process. The university is widely used method of electronic educational repositories (intranet portal Faculty of Economics http:// economist. rudn. ru, as well as learning portal RUDN http://web-local. rudn. ru), carrying out the integration of internal information systems from the University of online systems, which allows undergraduates to provide personalized access to learning resources outside the university. Repositories provide undergraduates the opportunity to obtain additional information not included in the material of lectures, view audio and video material, including video lectures, download electronic books and reference books, get homeworkelectronically, go online testing, track their progress through the ranking performance, communicate with the teacher in-line. Professional activities of the graduate major professional activities of graduates of the program "International Management" are: - organizational and management - analytical - researcherbut research - teaching. Graduates of the program are prepared to address the following professional tasks in accordance with the profile oriented master's programs and professional activities: - management organizations, divisions, groups (toMunday) employees, projects and networks - Develop strategies for organizations and their individual units - search, analysis, and evaluation of information for the preparation and management decision-making - analysis of existing forms organizatsii management, development and justification of the proposals for their improvement - Analysis and modeling of management - identification and formulation of topical scientific issues - development of research anddevelopment, the organization of their implementation - Development of methods and tools for research and analysis of their results, - development of organizational and management models of processes, phenomena and objects, evaluation and interpretation of resultsin - search, collection, processing, analysis and systematization of information on the research topic - preparation of studies, reports and scientific publications - teaching management disciplines - the development of educational programs and trainingon-learning materials. Graduates may take positions of managers, managers, team leaders, departments in organizations of any organizational-legal form (commercial, non-profit, state, municipal), to realize itself in the individual prefrinimatelstve. The approximate salary level graduate program "International Management": The minimum wages of graduates without work experience - 30 000 rubles. The average wage level managers - 45,000 - 90,000 depending on the direction and scope of the industry. Graduates of the program "International Management" can operate in: - organizations of any legal form (commercial, non-profit, state, municipal), in which graduates pdriver run as performers or managers in the various services of the administrative apparatus, as in Russia, abroad - the organs of state and municipal governments - international organizations - structures in which aypuskniki are entrepreneurs, creating and developing their own business, in the so- h in a multicultural environment; - research organizations associated with the solution of management problems - institutions of higher and secondary vocational education. The main end-users of the educational program are employers production sector, the service sector, governments, international organizations: - Large Russian domestic and international Zarubaezhnye companies, joint ventures - JSC "RUSNANO", Lukoil, Gazprom, Siemens, IBM, CCL (CentreforCrerativeLeadership), VTB Bank, ZAO KPMG, L &, McDonalds, Mars, CocaCola, etc. - The large media holdings: MTV, Channel Russia Today, OJSC "RBC-TV" - Ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation and foreign countries; - Organs of Public Administration in Russia and abroad- Small and medium-sized businesses engaged in trade and economic relations with foreign countries, working in cross-cultural environment and service-related foreign clients.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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