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Educational programs
for foreign students

Economics of Nature

Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 120000 rub.

Name of the direction-"Economy". OXO Code - 080100 Graduate qualification in accordance with GEF-WEI "master" period of training, the standard period of the basic educational program of 2 years, 120 ECTS forms of training-ochtion program was developed by leading professors of environmental People's Friendship University faculty who have extensive experience of research and design work in the field of energy, study, use and protection of natural resources, environmental, and energy management. Legal aspects of environmental economics. General principles of environmental economics. Natural systems as objects of nature. The influence of natural resources on the environment. Cost-effectiveness of environmental management. The economic valuation of natural resources. Valuation and justification of nature conservation in the design documentation. Economic responsibility of nature. Taxation. Audit. Environmental planning at the enterprise. In the preparation of masters involved leading scientists and professors of the University prof. , Etc. b. n. N. A. Blacks, prof. , Etc. e. n. B. I. Danilov-Danil'yan, prof. , Etc. e. n. M. M. Redin, prof. , Etc. Mr. m. n. A. AP Haustov, prof. , Etc. x. Mr. S. N. Sidorenko, prof. , Etc. t Mr. A. A. Kasyanenko, prof. , Etc. Mr. m. Mr. M. N. The farm, prof. , Etc. b. n. A. A. Nicholas and others The program involves in-depth study at an advanced level of special disciplines such as economics of natural resources and the environment, the economy prirodopotrebleniya, economy, prirodovostanovleniya, economics environmental protection, globalenvironmental and economic challenges, environmental and economic problems of Russia, environmental law, the assessment of the environmental impact, Ekotekhnika and environmental technology, environmental and economic monitoring, environmental management, environmental insurance, est.ENKA environmental and economic risks, investment in environmental and economic projects, environmental issues and municipal management. In parallel with the main program, masters depth study of foreign languages. Areas of application of knowledge program focuses on the training of skilled managers and professionals in the field of economics of natural resources and the environment to work in research institutes, government and regional and cityx, public structures at various levels, enterprises and organizations. The base practices Ministry of Natural Resources, conservation organizations in the capital region: Rostehnadzor, Mosprirodnadzor, Mostehnadzor, RPN, Moscow Government, Institute for System Analysis, RAS, Moscow State University. M. B. University, JSC "TNK-BP Management", LLC "Ecological and Analytical Center of Gas Industry", GIN RAS, NOU VPO "Moscow Institute of Energy and Energy Conservation", Federal Research Institute of Civil Defense and SEC "Promberity, "COE" Integral ", etc. Internships are currently training run on the existing specializations at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. There are student exchange programs and internships with leading public universities of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Mexico, Panama, China. Drafted the relevant agreement with the Universities of Italy and France. Expected to conduct training in all foreign universities, with which it has signed various agreements on certain types of activity. Duration of internship is assumed from 1 to 6 months. International cooperation with partner universities International People's Friendship University Faculty of Environmental activities conducted in accordance with the strategy developed by the faculty "International People's Friendship University Faculty of environmental activities." In line with the strategy implemented by an international cooperation program included training and dual leadership. 1. Signed a cooperation agreement with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (United Mexican States), the University of Panama (Panama), Renmin University of China (PRC). 2. Agreements on joint training of masters in the field of ecology with the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abay (Republic of Kazakhstan) and the Tajik National University. 3. Operates an international training program for master's degrees in environmental science in the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in which the face of People's Friendship University in the Faculty of Environment is the leading institution of higher education and the coordinator of the program in the field of eoncology. Carried out the first set of students in the Masters of SCO. 4. Ongoing contacts with the University of Panama by master program Applied Systems Environmental Management (The Louis Berger group, in collaboration with the Ciudad del Saber). 5. In the framework of the TEMPUS-TACIS program «Development of Environmental Management Curriculum for Russia (DEMACRUS)» with the universities of the Czech Republic designed Masters course "Environmental management". Teachers have participated in international research and education projects in cooperation with colleagues from Germany, China, United States, Mongolia, Norway, Slovakia and other countries. Student Scientific Society at the Faculty of Environmental VAT works in which there are the following scientific societies: 1. Natural and man-made landscapes 2. Environmental psychology 3. Environmental Medicine 4. Forensic Ecology 5. Scientific society in the School № 126 6. Makroekologiya problems and eco-development 7. Model of environmental management 8. Resource-saving technologies 9. Phytoindication: on the cutting edge of science 10. Chemistry and ecology of water annually for many years conducted Student Conference in foreign languages ​​and released a collection of materials.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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