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Educational programs
for foreign students

International Journalism

Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 170000 rub.

Today specialty training masters specialization "International Journalism" performs Department of Theory and History of Journalism Faculty of Philology. The Department is issuing. Courses and programs developed by staff of the department are aimed at developing graduates trained professional skills to provide competent expert assessment of the current state of international information flows. Particular attention is given to cross-cultural training of future international journalists. Developed and successfully read courses such as "International Journalism and intergovernmental relations", "Theory and Practice of foreign information activities", "International economic journalistika "," International Humanitarian Law and journalism "," Methodology of research in journalism, "" analytical commentary in the media, "" the world's information process », & laquo; Broadcast media in the information industry. " The existing faculty of science school in preparation for master's specialization "International Journalism" The Department of Theory and History of Journalism as a priority for several years been guided for himself to scientifictheme "Interaction Media of the Russian Federation with the media in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the CIS." At present, within the framework of the priority directions of the Faculty of Science Department is developing an entirely new "Features of media globalization: history, typology, language" under the leadership of the head. Chair, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Ed. B. Martinenko. The specificity and uniqueness of teaching at the University of the profession, with an emphasis on learning a foreign language teaching materials on subjects of this specialization are focused on the implementation of specialized professional vocabulary development techniques JournalSurfer in foreign languages. Areas of application knowledge. Graduates of the Master in the Department of Theory and History of Journalism can apply their knowledge while studying in the media at all levels, in the information and advertising agencies, the press service of the embassy of various companies and organizations, scientific researchskih structures. We are proud of many of our graduates who have attained a high level of professionalism in journalism. The base practices Graduates graduate specialization "International Journalism" provides pre-diploma practice in embassies and overseas information and cultural centers to gather information for writing kachestvennogof master's study. Student Scientific Society at the Department TIZH there are two scientific circle "International journalism and public opinion", which is Doctor of Sociology, Professor L. N. Fedotov and circle under the direction of Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor W. B. Sbrueva "Working with sources of information when writing a scientific work." The activities of the circles, which are held once a quarter, is aimed at forming ustudentov ability of analytical thinking processes in the foreign media.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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