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Educational programs
for foreign students

State and municipal government

Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Cost: 257600 rub.

Title directions - "State and municipal management." Specialty code 081100. Graduate qualification in accordance with GEF VPO - Master of the "State and municipal management." Approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation dated 15 February 2010. The training period - the standard period of the basic educational program 2 years, 120 ECTS Study - Full History of the origin of this field of study (knowledge). Radical changes in the social, economic, political and legal spheres of Russian society involve the urgent need for reform, restructuring and debug the whole system of public authorities. To improve the efficiency of their work a little more than fifteen years ago in Russia, the preparation of specialists in the field of Public Administration. At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences RUDN training in "State and Municipal Management" launched in 1999 with the qualification of "manager" and a diploma of public floataztsa. In 2010, the Department of State and Municipal Administration has started licensing the master's program in "State and Municipal Management" (specialty code 081100), in accordance with the approved 15. 02. 2010. Federal educational standard of higher professional education. Specialists and master's degrees in Public Administration are trained to work in the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, local government, as well as the personal choice of students - in the politicalorganizations and public associations, consulting and financial and analytical centers. The first head was the professor, etc. f. n. Member of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences Vladimir Fedorov. At the root of the creation and formation of the department were: the first Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Prof. N. Kirabaev S. , Professor M. Ignatskaya A. , Belousov A. A. Maslennikov V. AP , The department has developed a professional business atmosphere interaction of the faculty and students. Apart from the fact that many regular teachers of the department have practical experience in the various organs of state power and local self-government (including foreign), the department and the department in accordance with modern requirements tompetentsiyam experts in state and municipal government attracted to teaching part-time - the representatives of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, leading experts from academic institutions and large torporatsy. Currently, the department has four doctors of sciences, 14 candidates of sciences. Leaders of the Department is involved in the development of the educational standard of higher education on a specialty "State and Municipal Management", a member of the profile of training and methodologicalbedineniya. The department is also represented in the expert group of the Council of the Ministry of Education for Vocational Education Programs "Specialist in state and municipal government - Master of Public Administration (MPA)». Representatives of the department participate in the formation of the requirements for admission of students to the specialty "State and Municipal Management" are the members of the selection committee on the subject of "Social Studies." Also, the department developed interdisciplinary program of evaluation tests for admission for 2, 3, 4 courses Department is an active member of NISPASE (Association of institutions and educational institutions in the field of public administration in Central and EasternOh Europe) and a leading creator and performer in "State and Municipal Management" of the federal portal "Socio-humanitarian and political science education." The Department of Public Administration conducts significant research efforts not only by the teaching staff, but also actively engages students. Formed here on the methodology of scientific schools of socio-economic processes on strategic and operational management. Teachers of the department regularly attracted well-known Russian and foreign universities to give lectures and other forms of teaching and participate in conferences. The teaching staff of the department are regularly invited to the conference, RAS, RAPS, RPMA, INION, PCO and others. universities, in2008, the KocheguraAleksandrPetrovich «Civil Service Reform in Post-Communist Countries: The Case of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic» (Doctor of Science in Public Administration; mestozaschity-Leiden University). The department collaborates with a number of both federal and regional levels on the following topics: the formation of public policy, the development of regional development strategies, improving the efficiency of public administration; specificityof situational centers of Russia; retraining of professional personnel, and so etc. An important place in the educational process of students assigned to the practice. At the Department of State Medical operates research and education, and analytical center "Inter-University Centre of Innovation and socio-design technology in the management." Within the center of implementing programs of additional vocational education and training. For over 3 years, each semester to develop analytical group of students who have the opportunity to work on real projects of government agencies and commercial organizations for the future development of their professional skills in the field. In the People's Friendship University in the framework of the Bologna process is working on the development and introduction of pan-European Diploma Supplement. Since 2008, all students enrolled in the credit-modular system, as well as everyone get in addition to the diploma of the Russian Federation of higher professional education of the state of the sample, the Diploma Supplement European modeland (Diploma Supplement). Profession today. The Department of State and Municipal Management (MCM) is graduating and working in accordance with the parameters laid the Bologna process, introducing in life to achieve both Russian and European schools of higher education. Among the enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are from many regions of Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The management of state and municipal agencies - a special kind of activity that requires skilled training and specialized knowledge involving the proper management of character. Contemporary art management involves the mastery of a highly complex system of theoretical and practical knowledge that allow for the effective regulation of almost all spheres of life: politics, economy, educatedNotices, public health, law, private businesses, etc. Professionals in the field of state and municipal government are trained to work in the executive, legislative, judiciary, local government, traditional government departments, as well as the personal choiceof students - in political organizations, public associations, consulting and financial analytics centers. Corresponds to the level of preparation and organization of the practice, in which students are consistently acquainted with governance structures and perform specific duties in the workplace in the district council, the prefectures, the Moscow, the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, in the ministries and other organs of the federal government of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign governments and private entities. Russian University of Peoples' Friendship is a major research center, the walls of which are conducted extensive analytical and theoretical and methodological development, testing innovative methods of quality training to a largetion depends on the professional level of the teaching staff. This question is at the department pays serious attention, skillfully carried out active personnel policy that combines strengthening staffing of teachers with the invitation and the leading professors of other universities - external part. At the department presented the most diverse in its scientific expertise team, featuring a high level of training and responsible attitude to their work. The basis of the faculty of the Department of the graduates of the People's Friendship University. Most faculty members are authors of textbooks and manuals, monographs and collective scientific papers. In the educational process at the department are actively involved leading practitioners from various areas of state and municipal management. The department collaborates with leading educators and researchers in academic institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Center for Problem Analysis and the Governance at the Department of Social Sciences, with the Russian Research Centerstate and municipal government, with the leading Russian universities such as Moscow State University, the State University Higher School of Economics, State University of Management, Finance Academy, Voronezh State University, with the Kubanm State University, etc. The department is represented in the Association of NGOs in the field of Public Administration, the Association of Schools and Institutes of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe. Characteristics of professional master's PLO on direction 081100 State and municipal management area of ​​professional activity; professional fields masters include: states management, municipal administration and local government, the management of state and municipal institutions, the management of the social sphere, the management of non-profit organizations, the management in other organizations, in positions for Communicationsm with public authorities and citizens. The object of professional activity; objects of professional master's degrees are: federal government agencies, government bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments, state and municipalpal institutions, the budget of the organization; institutions of civil society organizations of the public sector, non-profit organizations, international organizations and international governments, other organizations, units of relations with gov'tarstvennymi authorities and citizens. Professional activities, Master of Science in field of study 081100 State and municipal government is preparing for the following types of professional activity: organizational and managerial, administrative and technological;consulting and information analysis, design, research and teaching. Specific types of professional activity, which is basically preparing the master, determined by the higher education institution in conjunction with the students, research and teaching staff of higher education institutions and employers' associations. The tasks of professional activity. Master of Science in field of study 081100 State and municipal government should be prepared to solve professional problems in accordance with the core areas PLO graduate and professional activities: inorganizational and managerial professional activities: implementation of strategic management in the interests of society and the state (public service), including the formulation of public interest objectives, and creating conditions for their achievement,the organization of work to get the best possible results, the analysis of the economic sectors of the state of the public sector, individual organizations, identifying the economic consequences of decisions taken in preparation or, holding aAdrov policies and personnel audit, the formation of the team and the organization of collective work, the ability to make the most of human resources, motivating and developing staff to ensure maximum effectiveness of their work, and improvement activitiesemployees of the organization by example, the ability to learn and improve upon the light of experience and new ideas, displays leadership qualities, the ability to make informed decisions, to convince the appropriateness of these decisions and implement solutions in the lifeHb, evaluate the impact of implementation of the decisions, the organization of interaction with the environment (and other state and municipal authorities, organizations, citizens) in the administrative and technical professional activities: pPPLICATION legislation, regulatory procedures in the administration, including the preparation of draft laws and regulations, their feasibility and the optimization of business processes, workflow management and business perepiski with citizens and external organizations, including foreign language, in the field of consulting and analytical activities: konsultatirovanie government, non-profit and business organizations, the formation of a databaseop ponents, the evaluation of their completeness and quality, the use of these data for expert assessment of the real management situations, the application of computer technology, information and communication technologies, mathematical and statistical methods in managerialcal problems in order to inform the public and municipal administration, the development of administrative regulations, projects, job regulations of state and municipal employees, job responsibilities of organizationstions, in the area of ​​project activity: forecasting the development of organizations, institutions and individual industries and enterprises, regions (including the availability of social and environmental issues and of the security), the development programm socio-economic development of the federal, regional and local level; study and analysis of the implementation of social and economic programs, using the methods of project analysis, development of feasibility studies and the definition ofof the likely effectiveness of investment projects, including those in the social sphere, in the field of research and teaching activities: participation in research projects on state and municipal governmentI, the preparation of studies and analyzes on specific topics of expertise, preparation and testing of specific education programs and courses, the presentation of research results to other professionals. Science school in this area. The Department of State and municipal management contributes to the development of research activities RUDN. The priority research work of the department is the theme of "Innovation and socio-design technology." Head - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences Fedorov A. . The scientific team: prof. Grachev M. N. , Prof. Ignatsakaya M. A. , Assoc. Pramono B. B. , Assoc. Malkovskaya I. A. , Assoc. A. Stepanov M. , Assoc. Stanis D. B. , Assoc. Yu Zubarev A. , Art. Ven. Kulikovs G. A. , Assist. Vafin R. R. Specificity of the uniqueness of teaching at People's Friendship University in this field of study. The department is focused on interdisciplinary training of a new generation of highly sophisticated deep-owning system of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in state and municipal government of foreign countries, informDiscount-analytic methods of management, the modern principles of the institutionalization of the problems of state and municipal management. Provides for the study of the basic tools of modern management to improve the regulation of almost all spheres of social life, politics, economy, education, health, law, private businesses, etc. The training material focuses on mastering the technical aspects of management. Students enrolled in the department, learn the basics of office management and document management, negotiation and business communication, business protocol, psychology, management, application management, etc. In the People's Friendship University conducted extensive analytical and theoretical and methodological development, testing of innovative techniques to build skills necessary modern manager. Areas of application knowledge. Fields of activity include: enhancing the interaction of the public authorities and society to solve complex problems in the provision of public services at the federal, regional and municipal levels; ypoisonings, the public sector and the development of the territories at the federal, regional and local level, program-oriented management and project management, specific studies of the socio-economic, ideological and legal factors in shapings public policy and public service reform, the development of theoretical principles and practical skills of management of public private partnership, and the reform of public administration, urban development, protection of the public byorder, the development and implementation of government programs and solutions, analysis of problems of interaction of government and public organizations, the development strategy of systematically structured regions and territories. work in the field of strategic management and change management, development of skills and the use of theoretical positions in the activities of state and local governments for specific tasks, the application of present-dayYemeni information technology administrative and political communication for understanding the relationship between politicians, media personnel and the public in the context of contemporary social and political reality, the mastery of the complexationm of economic, financial and administrative controls, management of state and municipal property, the development of regional and municipal policy in the administration of their objects and powers, the design of the publicand municipal management, the management of state and municipal finance, regional economics, and Russian and foreign business organizations, non-profit and community organizations, are the objects of professional activityXia: government agencies, federal and regional bodies of state power and government, social departments, services, public relations, liaison with government agencies, businesses, the media,, Non-profit organizations, etc. , Base practices. One of the most important features of the educational process is a practice-oriented nature of student learning. The practical component of training students presented a variety of species including all kinds of practices under the State educational standards of higher professional education (HPE GEF) and the Regulation on the procedure for rightktik. Practices are an integral part of the learning process and an important means of connection between theoretical study and practical activities. They are held in order to acquire and improve skills in performing the duties of the official purpose, the deepening and consolidation of acquired knowledge and skills. All practices are conducted in accordance with the curriculum. Advance preparatory work: compiled programs are selected practice base, issued the necessary documentation for the organization and conduct of practice. Practices are constructed in such a way that students consistently pass all the levels of government agencies and municipal government vupravah, in the municipalities in the prefecture, in the State Duma committees and the Ministry of the Russian Federation. Some students, especially non-resident in a similar way have practice in the regions. In the opinion of representatives of organizations that have practice students in the department, and their training on general, administrative, legal disciplines is not satisfactory. Special note of their personal qualities.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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