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Information and communication technology and communication systems

Electronic engineering, radio engineering and communications:Information and communication technology and communication systems
Field of Education:Electronic engineering, radio engineering and communications
Language of instruction:English
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time

University: Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation

Cost: 112 000 руб. rub.

Occupational field area of ​​professional activity includes a set of technologies, tools, techniques and methods of human activity aimed at creating the conditions for the exchange of information at a distance by a wiretion, radio, optical systems, processing and storage. The objects of professional activity objects of professional bachelors in accordance with the Federal Law "On Communications" is the field of science and technology, which includes a set of technologies, means, methods,and in methods of human activity aimed at creating the conditions for the exchange of information over a distance, processing and storage, including - technological systems and tools to ensure reliable, high-quality transmission, reception, arrabotku and storage of various signs, signals, writing, images and sounds by wire, radio, optical systems such as communication networks and switching systems, network signaling and synchronization, multi-channel communication systems;optical range of telecommunications systems, systems and wireless devices, systems and components for satellite and microwave transmission, systems and components for mobile radio, intelligent networks and communication systems, intelligent informationIVE system services and the services of communication; intelligent information systems in the control systems of connection objects, systems of centralized computing in the information and communication networks, systems and devices wired sound of broadcast and on-airschaniya and television broadcasting, electro-acoustics, multimedia technologies, systems and data communications devices, methods of transmission and distribution of information in telecommunication systems and networks, the means of information protection in telecommunication systemsEMAX, 6 protection of objects of information, means of metrological provision of telecommunication systems and networks, methods and means of saving energy and resources and environmental protection in the implementation of telecommunications processes, methodseffective management of operational and servicing of telecommunication systems, networks and devices, methods and means of protection against denial of service in the information and communication networks, methods of managing local and distributed systems onbrabotki and data storage management and marketing in telecommunications.
Professional activities Bachelor of preparation 210700. 62 Info-communication technology and communication system is preparing for the following types of professional activity: Service-operational, settlement and design, experimental research, organizational and management.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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