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Educational programs
for foreign students

Teacher education on profiles PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Form of study:Evening (part-time)
Form of study:Absentee
Distance Learning:No

University: Moscow Institute of Physical culture and sport

Cost: 7290 rub.

Bachelor of Physical Education prepared for teaching and coaching in all types of educational institutions, organizations and enterprises of different ownership, to management activities in the field of physical culture and sports;to carry out research activities in the field of physical culture and sports to fulfill recreational and rehabilitation tasks by means of physical culture and sports in the fitness and sports, sports and entertainment, tourism, medical, peabilitatsionnyh and care facilities of any form of property. Bachelor of training 034,300. 62 "Physical Education" should address the following professional tasks in accordance with the types of professional activity and the profile of training: to carry out teaching and coaching activities and to promote the socialization formsation of general culture of personality of students by means of physical culture in the sports and sports activities, its attached to the universal values ​​and lifestyle, solve educational problems in the educational institutions of aoshkolnogo, general and vocational education, focused on the analysis of the scientific and practical literature and summary of the practices in the field of physical culture and education, the implementation of training and education of students enrolled in the course of employment, on theDefines the content of learning in the curriculum, taking into account the evaluation of the physical and functional status of students; provide the level of training involved in complying with the requirements of the federal government obrazovatlnyh standards, to ensure adequate supply of knowledge, motor skills, as well as a sufficient level of physical fitness of students to maintain and improve their health and work, to participate in the activities of the Methodologicaltheir commissions and other forms of methodical work, collaborate with students, teachers, parents (or persons in loco parentis), contribute to a person enrolled in the course of employment chosen sport, its attached to the publichuman values, a healthy way of life, the moral principles of fair sports competition, for the selection of activities selected for the sport with the use of modern technology to determine the ability of classes in some form of sport; waspsuschestvlyat planning of the training process with the installation to achieve high results, select adequate to the task means and methods of training, determine the amount of load, adequate capabilities with the installation of the individualthe achievement of athletic performance, manage the training process on the basis of the control of the functional state, reached in the art and performance of motor actions involved and make the appropriate adjustments in trenirovochny process, ensure the timely passage of medical monitoring and pedagogical exercise control of the state concerned, provide recreational activities: community involvement in recreational activities as a factor in healthyVågå lifestyles, deliver programs, modes of employment on motor recreation of the population at the regional and local levels to meet the needs of the population, to select adequate to the tasks, tools, methods and forms of recreational activitiessequences in cycles of varying length sessions, provide a level of physical activity, corresponding to the state and the needs of working and to promote a conscious use of physical culture as a means of restoringand health promotion, initiation to a healthy lifestyle, organizational and managerial activities: organize and conduct physical training and sports events, to carry out their professional activities, guided by the Constitution of theiey the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation laws and regulations of the department of physical education and sport and education, laws and regulations in the field of physical culture and sports and education to work with financially hozyaysTwain documentation in the field of physical culture and sport, to comply with the rules and regulations of labor, safety, ensure the protection of the life and health of the students in the course of employment in research activities; identify urgent GPdew in the field of physical culture and sports; conduct scientific studies to determine the effectiveness of different types of activities in the field of physical culture and sport, using proven methods, to carry out scientific analysis, synthesis and design and stylingenie research results, to use information technology for planning and correction processes of professional activities engaged in monitoring, processing of results of studies of other solutions of practical problems, and to exercisecultural and educational activities: to analyze and summarize the important problems of the modern development of physical culture and sports in the media, to conduct outreach and information campaigns on the impact ofphysical training on health promotion, health maintenance, active aging, involvement of children and youth in sports.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
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