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Educational programs
for foreign students

Organizational Psychology

Field of Education:Humanities
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time

University: M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University

Cost: 320 000 rub.

Organizational Psychology - the area of ​​scientific knowledge, exploring and acting on the psychological characteristics of human nature within the organization - industry, all kinds of services and facilities, while giving high priority toGoes attention to the psychological aspects of the functioning of organizational structures. The purpose of this program - to provide fundamental training of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of organizational psychology, professional knowledge of the research methods of working with people and the ability tos to independent research, scientific and educational activities. The implementation of this master's program is carried out in the department of psychology of work and engineering psychology with the assistance of staff of the laboratory work psychology. In the implementation of the program involved seven doctors and six candidate of psychological sciences: Organizational Psychology - the area of ​​theoretical, scientific and practical knowledge, which is important for the areas associated with the investigation and providingaccounting, compensation and psychological characteristics of the design of human nature within the organization - industry, all kinds of services and facilities, with a focus on psychological support operation ofI have organizational structures. Under this program, prepare psychologists who have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of solving problems arising in the organizational structure in relation to the difficulty of people to ensure their successful operation. The main activities of this specialization is the study of specific components of psychological functioning of organizational structures, the formation of scientific concepts and scientific and ordered a basic understanding of the essential psychologicalaspects of human activity as an employee organization, such as the design of organizational interaction, management of social processes, optimization of the decision-making processes at the organizational level, etc. Professional knowledge of the methods of organizational psychology, including methods of construction of theoretical knowledge must be based not only on the system of practical knowledge, but also requires the development of the fundamental provisions of this field of science. Professionals who have been trained under this program may work as consultants administration of various organizations in the planning of organizational changes related to the attractiveness of the labor issues in the organization, analyze the causes of techtake into account the training, planning innovative changes in the organization. They can perform a psychological examination of normative documents, jobs, working conditions, incentive and motivation of labor, distribution systems, job functions, as well as work by psychologists researchers, educators. The program provides for the passage of every undergraduates scientific, educational and research practices, and read a series of lectures on the subjects at universities and other educational institutions of Moscow and Russia. Graduates of the master's program 521005 "Organizational Psychology" can work in higher educational institutions, scientific research institutes of RAS, all establishments that require professional knowledge of the problems opganizatsionnoy psychology.
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