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Educational programs
for foreign students

Veterinary-sanitary examination

Field of Education:Agriculture and fisheries
Agriculture and fisheries:Veterinary-sanitary examination
Language of instruction:English
Form of study:Full-time
Distance learning:No

University: Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology (MSUAB)

Cost: от 75 000 rub.

Graduates who have completed a specialty "Veterinary-sanitary examination" (master) can work in professions: ž Vet Vet - clinicians treating domestic animals and birds as well as the conduct of operations ncastration and sterilization procedure for the adoption of labor, euthanasia (euthanasia of terminally ill). Most of today's veterinarians specializing in cats, dogs, rodents, birds, etc. k it is most often give birth to their people as pets. However, there are veterinarians involved in larger animals for farming. In veterinary medicine, there are special laboratory doctors - their competence is the study of diseases that can be transmitted from one animal to other animals and to humans. Veterinarian. Activities: ž reception of clients (in the clinic and on-call) ž medical records of animal ž diagnosis and treatment assignment of ž ž Requires procedures for taking tests (sometimes & mdash; laboratory studies) ž ž grafting control of animal recovery period after the previous procedure ž operation to eliminate reproductive ž procedures for terminating an animal's life & middot; obstetrics ž logging reception Places of work: ž Public and private veterinary clinic animal exhibits ž ž ž circuses, zoos ž Private Practice Skills%3a ž ability to quickly diagnose diseases ž Ability to work under pressure mode to quickly switch from one case to another Additional features: Occupation refers to the vet srednevostrebovannym. Most likely to get a job and get decent wages among residents of large cities. In small communities, the way out may be the conduct of a private practice.

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The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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