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Educational programs
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Technology of meat and meat products

Field of Education:Technology of food products and consumer goods
Technology of food products and consumer goods:Food of animal origin
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time
Distance Learning:No

University: Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology (MSUAB)

Cost: 69 000 rub.

Department of Technology of meat and meat products, was founded in 1930 and prepares graduates in the specialties: Technology of meat and meat products, technologies, fish and fish products, technology products catering. From 1972 to the present, the department is "Technology of meat and meat products," headed by the winner of the State Prize, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the RAAS, Joseph A. Rogov, the founder and creator of the school of the problemResearch Laboratory of the electrical methods of food processing. From the first steps under the leadership of J. Rogow A. by a global reconstruction of the department and created a problem laboratory PNILEFMOPP. Currently, the faculty of the department spends teaching methods and research work on the preparation of highly qualified professionals with a multifaceted fundamental and practical training that canGut work in large industrial plants, in small factories processing of meat and fish products, research and design institutes, Russian and foreign companies, the cities of Russia, CIS and far Zarubaezhya. Many graduates of the department have degrees of candidates and doctors of technical sciences, the title of academicians, Honored Science and Technology. Graduates of the well-known and appreciated in a variety of industries and science, both in Russia and in foreign countries such as France, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Poland, Hungary, Mongolia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, CIS, etc. etc. Teachers of the department and the laboratory staff received more than 300 patents for inventions, most of which are put into production. Protected by more than 200 theses for the degree of candidate of technical sciences than 50 theses for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences. The teachers of the department have been widely recognized in the processing industry in Russia and the CIS and foreign countries: Acad. I. A. Horns, a member of the armature. E. I. Titov, prof. B. B. Khorolsky, prof. Zabashta A. G. , Prof. Bobreneva I. B. , Assoc. Gabaraev, Assoc. Artamonov M. AP , Assoc. Buhteeva Yu M. , Assoc. N. Zhukov N. , Assoc. Tyugay I. M. , Assoc. Solovyov T. A. , Assoc. N. Tsvetkov N. , Assoc. L. Cherkasova G. , Art. Ven. Kuznetsov D. A. , Assoc. Shalimova T. A. and others. In the research laboratory work known scientists L. F. Mitaseva, S. K. Apraksina and others.

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