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Cost inzhiring

Field of Education:Architecture and Construction
Architecture and Construction:Construction
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time

University: National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)

Cost: 89 000 (1 семестр); 86 000 (последующие) rub.

In recent years, more and more persistently large construction companies have expressed their request for training, qualification which, while possessing knowledge, both in the economy and in the engineering field would allow to optimize costsall stages of the investment process (investment, planning, carrying out contract bidding, contracting, payments between the parties to construction, project commissioning). No investor will invest their savings in a building without an appropriate budget documents, which prove the feasibility and safety of investment. At many stages of construction, from the feasibility study of investments, determining the value of projects under construction, reconstruction and repair of existing, ending the control of the progress of the construction work involved engineer and quantity surveyor. As applied to a specialist who performs a wide range of duties on the pricing policy of the construction company, the term "estimator" is not quite correct. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES OF SUCH LEVEL correct to call a specialist in value engineering, BECAUSE THEY HAVE OWN wide range of engineering and economic knowledge. The result of such specialist must ultimately satisfy customers, contractors, investors, legal services and tax authorities. Legislation raising work of a specialist in value engineering to a new, higher level. Value engineering as a field (area) of the production cost calculations (studies) at all stages of the investment and construction of the project determines the economic relations among its members. In the construction market demand for strong specialists in this sphere is not satisfied. The reason is simple - Russian high schools do not prepare graduates with specialist qualifications value engineering. A paradoxical situation has developed in the field of training of specialists of the construction of the complex: the students specialty "Economics and Management in Construction" lack of engineering training, graduates of the building trades haveknowledge of the technology of construction processes, the design basis is calculated constructions, but are not able to competently perform the economic calculations. Here can be seen the need for the natural integration of the major. Questions settlement of contractual relations participants in the construction process is possible only with a literate, profound and comprehensive knowledge in the area of ​​pricing. Cost Engineering - a set (the set) methods and control the cost of the investment project at all stages of its life cycle, including: the formation of the project's budget (budget planning project (evaluation of effektivnosti capital expenditures (investment value), the estimated pricing, expertise (validation of the definition) of the estimated cost of construction, the formation of the cost of construction, cost control of the project, analysissis of actual costs (cost of construction). COST ENGINEER - educated, trained and qualified for the development and application in practice (based on the principles of design, engineering, technology) methods and control the cost of the project, whichThis turns the following: evaluation of estimates, cost cost control and budget of the project as a whole, the cost of designing, building performance management, evaluation of capital (investment value), risk analysis and the actual cost of the proekta. The basic educational program, along with the basic disciplines that form a specialist in the field of industrial and civil construction, a number of new disciplines concerned with the value engineering. Significant place in the curriculum of the disciplines that are included in the main part of the natural sciences and professional cycle, "Cost Engineering and development of market infrastructure in construction" "," Ecoomy of construction "," Pricing and estimate work in urban industry "," Examination of the design decisions "," Management and Marketing "," Contractual relationships in the investment and constructionoh activity "," Information systems in value engineering. " The opening of the new profile support: Federal Center for Education in the construction of "ANO DPO" Institute of Cost Engineering ", large construction companies, such as the SU-155, Mospromstroy, Glavstroy, Mosstroymehanizatsiya, Mosfundamentstroy-6, "Monarch" and many others.
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