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Educational programs
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Psychological and educational support the education of persons with disabilities

Education and Pedagogy:Special (defectological) education
Field of Education:Education and Pedagogy
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Absentee

University: On page http://mggu-sh.ru/en/education you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.

Cost: 62 000 (1 год); 72 000 (2 год); 42 000 (3 год) rub.

Professional activities: remedial teaching, diagnostic and preventive and advisory, research, teaching, organizational, managerial, cultural and educational activities in general, spetsialnyh (corrective) and pre-school educational establishments, psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation centers, psychological, medical and educational support, in secondary and higher education, scientific researchdovatelskih institutions of education, health and social protection. The scope of professional activity of graduates: psychological-pedagogical diagnostics, training, development and correction of persons with disabilities in the pedagogical process of psychological and educational support for teachingnity of the educational process; teaching in secondary and higher education and the organization of the educational process, scientific-research activity. In the process of learning to master's programs you read the following general professional and special disciplines: history and philosophy of special education and psychology. Modern problems of science and special education defectological. Methodology of psychological and pedagogical research. Foreign language. Basis for the organization of research work. Medical and Biological Problems defectology. Linguistic problems of special education and psychology. The development of special education in Russia and abroad: tradition and modernity. Comparison special education. Speech therapy. Oligophrenopedagogics. On areas. Educational system of special education preschool. Psychological support of persons with disabilities. Teaching methods in special (correctional) schools. Educational system of education of persons with disabilities. In the preparation of a special master (defectological) Education MGGU them. M. A. Sholokhov's emphasis on discipline, aimed at the development of the graduates ability to navigate in a variety of situations, the ability to not only plan their professional growth, but also to successfully implement it. This is aimed at teaching the basics of management, professional communications, economic and social organization of Russian society, the modern business etiquette, leadership and team-building, life-navigation. Much attention is paid to the development of design thinking, not only in the solution of design problems in various areas of special education, but also to overcome any problem situations - and it's one of the advantages of our graduates. December 7, 2010 in Moscow summed up the contest "Russian Volunteer Centers" in which our university participated and became one of the 25 winners. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry N. Kozak gave the rector of Moscow State Mining University them. M. A. Sholokhov B. D. Nechayev certificate conferring the title of "Volunteer Center" Sochi-2014 ". On the basis of the Faculty, Center defectological attract volunteers in the profile "Paralympics". Paralympic volunteer center is a methodological center for training of trainers, which are aimed at training volunteers specificity of interaction with people with disabilities: a tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities, knowledge of ethicaleskih requirements and rules of working with people with disabilities and the principles of working with people with disabilities. All graduate students will be able to take part in the work of the center and will be able to get to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. During training undergraduates are research and scientific and industrial practice. Total state certification Masters includes the protection of the final qualifying exam and the state. Status of the graduate faculty of Moscow State Mining University defectological them. M. A. Sholokhov confirmed by the high level of professional skill and special psycho-pedagogical knowledge and skills acquired by author programs, so the demand for graduates in the labor market. Graduates of the master can continue their education and improve their professional skills in graduate school in the field of 13. 00. 03 - correctional pedagogy (speech therapy, oligophrenopedagogy, ASL) 19. 00. 10 - correctional psychology. Focusing on career and professional growth of our graduates - a key priority of the Faculty of Moscow State Mining University defectological them. M. A. Sholokhov. Cooperation with the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, the Russian NGO "Commonwealth of curative education and social therapy organizations" and other professional associations are distinctive featuresStu our educational programs. Industrial practice of students defectological faculty conducted in preschool compensating, in special (correctional) schools, in hospitals of Moscow and the Moscow region. Graduates of the Faculty of defectological - young professionals, combining both academic knowledge and practical experience to assist individuals with disabilities. Final qualification of the hit original ideas and depth of innovative approaches, many of which are continued in the future in the master's and doctoral studies of their authors. Achieving students and graduates of the Faculty of defectological confirmed by numerous certificates, titles of "Teacher of the Year" awards of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, recognized at international level. Entrance test: A test interview "Fundamentals defectology." Background of the applicant's education - higher professional education. Duration of training - 2. 5 years
Head of the Master's program "Psychological and educational support the education of persons with disabilities" Victoria V. Tkachev, Professor of Special Education and Special Psychology, Doctor of Psychology scienceto Professor. ksp_deffak_mggu @ mail. ru, 647-44-77, * 1 (ext. 3573) Faculty Address: Ul. Tashkent, etc. 18, Bldg. 4 Directions: From Metro "Kuz'minki" - auth. 99, 143, 169, taxis 332m, 337m to the bus stop. "School", from the underground "Vyhino" - auth. 209 to the bus stop. "Supermarket"; author. 169, taxi 337m to the bus stop. "School" Faculty Phone: (495) 647-44-77 (34-71, 34-72) Website: http://mggu-sh. ru / def / psihologo-pedagogicheskoe-soprovozhdenie-obrazovaniya-lic-s-ogranichennymi-vozmozhnostyami

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