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Educational programs
for foreign students


Art and Culture:Design
Field of Education:Art and Culture
Language of instruction:Russian
Form of study:Full-time

University: On page http://mggu-sh.ru/en/education you can find all the information concerning the admission rules of the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.

Cost: 124 000 (1 курс); 144 000 (2 курс); 166 000 (3 курс); 192 000 (4 курс) rub.

A graduate gets a modern and prestigious specialty designer and continue to be able to work in different areas of design. Professional activities: art, design, information technology, organizational, managerial, teaching. The scope of professional activity of graduates: packaging design, printing products, computer design, technology, advertising, design and execution of exhibitions, interior design, landscape design, design project management, teachingin secondary schools and post-secondary educational institutions. Bachelors study the following special subjects: History of World Culture, Russian Culture and Art, Art History, History of Design, History ornament, Academic drawing, academic painting, sculpture and plastic Academicmodeling, Propedeutics, Design, Fundamentals of production skills, computer graphics, research methodology, Technical Drawing, Advertising. In today's information society is extremely important subjects such as information technology and information practices. Upon completion of training our graduate understands the functions and tasks of institutions and organizations, firms, departments dealing with design, ready to use the regulations in practice, is able to analyze and define tPower Requirements for the design project, make a detailed specification of requirements for the design project, is able to synthesize a set of possible solutions of the problem or approach to achieving a design project; scientifically substantiate their proposals; owns pattern, attacks theovat figures in the practice of formulation and processing them in the direction of the design of any object; owns the principles of choice of technique specific pattern; skills linear structural arrangement and the foundations of academic painting;basic skills of the sculptor, the modern culture of the font, the techniques of working in the prototyping and simulation, techniques of working with color and color compositions, methods and technology of the classical techniques of easel (engraving,etching, etc. monotopiya ), The basic rules and principles set and layout; develops design idea based on the conceptual, creative approach to solving design problems, the possible methods of harmonization of forms, structures, facilities and systems, complex functionality,composite solutions, capable of designing objects, products, designs, collections, facilities, structures, facilities, capable to prepare a complete set of documentation on the design project to implement it, to carry out basic economicKia estimates project is able to plan the learning process, to carry out methodical work independently to lecture or conduct workshops. The peculiarity of bachelor of design at the Faculty of Moscow State Mining University them. M. A. Sholokhov is to study such courses as the author of the book Design, Design dolls, Interior Design, Technology Package, Packaging Design, Russian folk costume, Chromatics and color use, Ornamental composition Fitodesign, Photographica. Basics of research, advertising technologies, technical aesthetics, Supergraphic etc. In preparation designers bachelors MGGU them. M. A. Sholokhov's emphasis on discipline, aimed at ensuring that graduates be well oriented in various situations, could not only create a work of authorship, but also to successfully implement it. This is aimed at teaching the basics of management, professional communications, economic and social organization of Russian society, the modern business etiquette, leadership and team-building, life-navigation. The development project thinking, allows him not only to solve design problems in various areas of design, but also to overcome any problem situations - the main advantage of our graduates. Status of the graduate faculty of design MGGU them. M. A. Sholokhov confirmed by the high level of professional skills, design skills and knowledge acquired at the author programs, so the demand for graduates in the labor market. Upon completion of training, you can work in the office of Industrial Design, industrial design offices, creative unions and organizations, to small enterprises, commercial companies, firms that are associated with the design and implementationm advertising, on printing enterprises, design centers, advertising agencies, educational institutions. You can also continue their education and improve their professional skills in a master's degree in any chosen direction. Focusing on career and professional growth of our graduates - a key priority of the Faculty of Design MGGU them. M. A. Sholokhov. Cooperation with the Union of Designers of Russia, the International Union of designers and other creative unions is a distinguishing feature of our educational programs. Participation in the implementation of real orders in the course of the internship, the orientation of learning activities to the needs of the design industry make learning not only interesting, but also facilitate the process of adaptation of the young specialist. Graduates of the Faculty of Design - young professionals, combining both academic knowledge and a taste for the modern commercial design. Thesis and striking original ideas and fresh solutions, many of which are patentable. (Attach a file to the exemplary work themes). Achieving students and graduates of the Faculty of Design are confirmed by numerous certificates and awards at international and All-Russian competitions and exhibitions.
Faculty Address: Ul. Mikhailov, etc. 12A Directions: Art. m "Marxist" or trolleybus. Number 63 from the center, or art. m "Ryazan avenue" trolley. Number 63 in the direction of the center to stop "Stakhanovskaya street." Phones Department: (495) 647-4477 (ext. 5544), (499) 171-8015

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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