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Educational programs
for foreign students

Diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, pathology, oncology and morphology of animals

Levels:graduate school
Scientific area:Agriculture and fisheries
Language Program:Russian
Cost:80 000 - 120 000 thousand rub.

University: Moscow State University of Food Production

Institute of Veterinary examination, sanitation and environmental prepares veterinarians, bachelor's and master's degrees veterinary-sanitary examination, bachelor's degree in biology (profile "Bioecology") for the various branches of Accounts Chamberof the complex. The relevance of training in the field of veterinary-sanitary examination, veterinary and Bioecology for the processing industry and agriculture due to the fact that the biological safety of raw materials and products of animal originin recent years become a major social problem. The solution to this problem depends on the correct differential diagnosis and prevention of socially dangerous diseases in livestock farms, their practical implementation in specific settings. Field of study "Veterinary-sanitary examination" is the author's development of the teaching staff and entered into the classifier specialties. First state standards 2 and 3 generations, exemplary and work programs tiered Bachelor and Master of veterinary-sanitary examination. The Institute is the 21 EMA for the university, which opened this specialty and coordinates all educational work. The Institute has everything you need for educational, laboratory and scientific works of students. Available to the employees and students of specialized classes and laboratories equipped with modern technology and equipment for ELISA and PCR analysis, microbiological, parasitological studies, audio-visual and computer equipment, usedibliotekoy study and teaching of literature, regulatory and legislative documents. Scientific themes of work aimed at ensuring the safety of animal products, veterinary and sanitary examination and evaluation of raw materials and products of animal origin in diseases of animals and birds, and non-contagious infectious etiology, the study earlyin vivo diagnosis, pathogenesis, methods of Veterinary Public Health, used at meat and dairy industry and animal farms, the development of prevention and treatment of non-contagious, infectious, parasitic diseases, viralx and slow infections and the ways of their prevention, diagnosis, and prevention of specific anthropozoonosis and zooanthroponoses, mikroorganizzmov study of biology, the development of methods for their indication and identification, diagnosis and protection of means of specific immunotherapynogeneza in infectious diseases of animals. Separate research carried out under the program of basic research by the Federal Target Scientific and Technical Program "Research and development in priority areas of science and technology," the federal program & laquo; research and development on priority directions of scientific-technical complex of the Russian Federation for 2007-2012 ". The works on grants under the State Support of Leading Scientific Schools: 11612 project "Improving the efficiency of control bioecological safety of raw materials and products of animal origin on the basis of use of the immunogenEthic display technologies and the identification of toxicants of different origins "of the analytical departmental target program" Development of Scientific Potential of Higher Education (2009-2011) "was received grant worth $ 3 million rub. As a result of work over the past 5 years, developed and approved by the Office of Veterinary Medicine Agricultural Sciences 12 guidelines, received 4 patents and positive decisions on applications for invention. According to the agreement with the Research Institute of Surgery. A. B. Wisniewski and Academician A. A. Vishnevsky conducted scientific work on the use of stem cells for reparative osteogenesis animals and non-communicable disease etiology. The work carried out in conjunction with foreign scientists. In addition to the research projects involved students and young scientists. Teaching staff, graduate and undergraduate students actively participate in workshops, of international and national symposiums, festivals Sciences ( Moscow, Moscow State University. M. B. University), the annual international scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of animals and birds," the Moscow International Veterinary Congress, Moscow, an international veterinaryCongress of Poultry, at the «Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth" at the Exhibition Centre, the All-Russian Congress on Infectious Diseases, International Conference on "Eco-saving technologies andmeans of processing with. -X. raw materials and food production. " At the annual exhibition "Golden Autumn" at the Exhibition Centre. Together with the veterinary faculties of ore and MGAVM and B them. K. I. Scriabin were organized and held two All-Russian Conference of the Universities in veterinary surgery, and active participation in which students and teachers took IVESiE. Employees of the Institute participated in international scientific conferences of students and young scientists of the final conference "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2009-2012years ", International Conference of Students of young scientists" Zhi-vye system and the biological safety of the public. " In 2010 at the invitation of the NGO zoozaschitnikov "Vita" teachers and students took part in a meeting of the Public Chamber to discuss the draft law "On the responsible treatment of animals" and made additionsin the resonator Lucius meeting the issue of socio-environmental advertising in Moscow and on the promotion of humane education from school to university. The meeting was attended by prominent politicians, leaders, artists and journalists. As part of the 19th Moscow International Congress (2011 ), Teachers and students took part in the round table "Higher veterinary education through the eyes of students," which was demonstrated by the development of new environmental projects, and shared experiences with alternatives insteadanimal experiments. , A film "Humane education in the CIS and in Russia", in the filming of the active participation of students and teachers. Work was undertaken to provide educational services to the scientific and educational groups by a grant from the government of Moscow. Under this program, the departments were held workshops to raise the level of preparedness of high school students and first-year students. According to the results of work were provided scientific information and scientific and educational materials. As a result of the joint research project with the students participated and won first place in the district competition biological projects, actively participated in the exhibition MKM PROF Moscow festival "Days of scientificTechnical Creativity of Youth Initiatives "Festival organized by the Department of Education of Moscow are now preparing a cooperation agreement with InterNICHE, in which students and teachers of the faculty involved in the programmah TV «Russian today». At the Institute of Veterinary examination, sanitation and the environment has postgraduate studies (full-time, part-time form of training, soiskatelstvo) and doctoral studies. Operates the Academic Council for doctoral and master's theses D 212. 149. 03 in the following fields: 06. 02. 01 - Diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, pathology, oncology and morphology of animals, 06. 02. 02 - Veterinary Microbiology, Virology, epizootiology, mycology mycotoxicology and immunology; 06. 02. 05 - Veterinary Sanitation, ecology, zoohygiene and veterinary-sanitary examination. Over the last 5 years is protected 5 and 22 doctoral theses.

The Olympiad is held in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Asia-Pacific Career Launcher (APCL) New-Delhi, on August, 14th 2017
The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) announces the beginning of admission of foreign citizens who graduated from Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs of PFUR and other Russian and foreign universities, for Master Degree programs of the 2016/2017 academic year.

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